5 Hacks to Increase Conversion Rate of Landing Page

5 Hacks to Increase Conversion Rate of Landing Page

August 13, 2020

Are you a digital marketer?

Have you tried all the proven methods for a landing page?

But still, the conversion rate is not ticking up?

You know, you must aim for the average landing page conversion rate that is 9.7%. So if you aren’t getting something around that, you’ve got work to do. 

Creating a high-conversion landing page can be frustrating but still a rewarding task for a marketer. If you’re just looking to increase the conversion rate of your landing page, there are too many variables in the play to manage. 

But not to worry! 

Instead of focussing on everything, and ending up nowhere, here are some sure shot hacks to increase landing page conversions. 

1. Add Click Pop-ups 

According to a study conducted by Sumo, pop-ups can achieve conversion rates upto 50%. However, an average conversion rate for click pop-ups at its best is 9.28%. It means that if you get 150 unique visitors per day on your website, you would have 418 sign-ups in a month. 

People are lazy and reluctant to fill out a form. They already anticipate how much time they have to invest potentially in that. The best trick is to baby step your viewers towards the conversion by adding click pop-up instead of a form. Using click pop-ups combined with CTA conversions helps you achieve a higher conversion rate

2. Pre-Filled Form Fields

If you can make it easier for people to convert so they can follow through easily, they are more likely to do it. Filling out some parts of the form for them would be the best thing to do. 

According to Kissmetrics, they noticed a 30% increase in their landing page conversion rates when they used pre-filled form fields. They have used Pardot where you can do the same with Mailchimp and Leadpages together. 

When you already fill the data in the form based on what you know about your users, you are basically simplifying the conversion process for them. People will be more inclined to fill such forms as it is easier for them. 

3. Use Countdown Timers

Our behavior is guided by our primal emotions and psychological triggers. That’s how countdown timers have such an impact.

Giving your audience the feeling that the time is running out, naturally makes them anxious. So you can capitalize on this feeling by adding a countdown timer on the landing page.  

According to Neuroscience Marketing, when you add the countdown timers on your landing page, it creates a sense of urgency that leads to a higher conversion rate. It taps into your fear of missing out by making you believe being offered in scarcity.  

4. Offer Money-back Guarantee 

Consumers avoid risks as much as they can. They don’t want to put their hard-earned money on the stake unless they are assured enough. Offering money-back guarantees help customers to believe in the purchase with no or minimum risks.

It makes them move past objections. Money-back guarantees increase the conversions on your landing page. And even more than that, it helps you create the best user experience for your visitors. It isn’t just for landing page conversion optimization but also builds trust and reliability within your consumers and makes them feel more secure.

5. Introduce Exit-Intent Pop-ups 

Exit-intent pop-ups can be utilized in a unique way to achieve a good conversion rate for the landing page of your website.  Pop-ups in general surely aren’t a new tool. But again, like pop-up forms, exit pop-ups tap into the psychological triggers of a user. 

Whenever a user tries to exit your page, it pops up with a last-minute tempting offer. It uses javascript to detect a user attempting to leave the page. These offers are really the last effort to retain the user on your page and convert eventually. 

So these pop-ups must contain something to offer that a user cannot refuse. It often contains heavy discounts, extra additional discounts, coupons, newsletter subscriptions, free downloads, and much more. It increases the overall conversion rate of your landing page, for sure. 

High-converting landing page leads to a higher number of sales. Using these five landing page conversion hacks, you can witness a significant rise in your conversion rate. 


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