5 Real Time Applications of Machine Learning

5 Real Time Applications of Machine Learning

October 26, 2018

We’re sure you’ve heard about machine learning, but do you know what machine learning really is? Check out this blog to know all about machine learning.  

Machine learning provides systems with an ability to automatically learn and provide solutions or answers from experiences. This gives your computers the ability to take decisions independently, with the help of data fed to the system.

The ML model is unlike any traditional software where a human developer incorporates a written code that performs the next action. Instead, the ML model has been taught how to draw inferences from the given input data. It is because of the ML algorithms that they are able to function.

Machine learning aka ML is a subset of Artificial intelligence. Just like any other technology, for example, The Internet of things (IoT), ML is a buzzing word in today’s scenario.

Are you aware that you have been using the applications of machine learning in one way or the other, without even realizing it!

A machine learning application example is the recommendations that we get on Netflix. According to a recent research, approximately, 80% of shows are found through recommendations.

There is no doubt that ML is a rising technology. The applications of machine learning in various industries is very evident. But the future of machine learning can be ascertained only with time.

Here are some machine learning applications

Virtual personal assistant

Do you own a smart phone? Have you ever given instruction to the virtual assistant like Apple’s Siri or Google’s voice search? Then you have used one of the many applications of machine learning.

We often don’t realize that the services that are easing out our lives are nothing but a technology (here, it is machine learning).

ML plays a role to refine the information on the basis of your previous interaction with them. ML model uses the previous data to give you the desired results. 

Recommendations on social media

We all have a profile on either of the social media channels. Ever seen the highly relevant recommendations you get on your news feed? It’s all because of machine learning!

ML works on a simple concept of analyzing previous data and experiences. The kind of pages that you like, your pages your friends like, the ML model uses all that data to understand what kind of recommendations it should make for you.

Recommendation on ecommerce sites

Similarly, you may have witnessed the recommendations that you receive while shopping on a retail website.

While you start adding products in your cart, ML is doing its job. This is why you receive some suggestions about a product that you might like. Again, the type of interaction you have with the website is analyzed to ascertain the kind of products that you might like.

Online assistant

The chatbots enabled on websites to assist a user with a query uses ML algorithms. The websites that have enabled chatbots, and have the ability to understand the user query and give a valuable suggestion to the user.

The bots pull out the relevant information from the website and present it to the customers.


It is quite possible that you might have depended on GPS navigation services at some point.

This is another domain where we use machine learning. When you turn on your GPS on your phone, the data of your current location is saved at a central server for managing traffic. This is evident in applications such as Google Maps – when it tells you which routes to take that are lesser crowded.

The renowned cab service provider Uber also uses Machine learning to analyze the demand of the cabs at a certain time and thus hikes the price.

There’s a lot that machine learning can do, and most of us are already experiencing the rise of this technology without realizing it! There are many uses of machine learning! If you think we missed out on something, let us know in the comments below!

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