5 Reasons why Agencies Lose Clients

5 Reasons why Agencies Lose Clients

January 15, 2019

An agency is a business or an organization that specializes in offering certain services to their clients i.e. other businesses/organizations.

From an agency's perspective, the first thing that pops up is “how to get clients?” Some of the tried and tested ways are - promoting your business online, asking your friends and family to share information about your agency in their network or using paid methods to advertise your business.

Understanding the problems faced by your clients and how you can help overcome their problem is the key to success.

A satisfied client will keep coming back to your agency again and again.

Only acquiring and gaining new customers is not enough, you should also know the reasons why agencies lose clients. According to research, many agencies lose the clients in the initial months of acquiring them. Why is that? This is exactly what we'll be covering in this blog.

What is the importance of clients?

The more clients your agency bags, the more revenue your agency will generate. So, it is important that you acquire quality clients that have a good reputation in the market.

Characteristics of an ideal agency-

  1. Have open communication with clients.
  2. Discuss mutual goals and how you plan on achieving them. Agencies usually break down tasks based on priority and the benefits associated with them.

To maintain a smooth relationship with your clients, you or your agency should deliver what you promised, if not more. If the relation between your agency and the client is a healthy one, the clients can act as an advertising medium.

Here is why agencies lose clients


Communication is the key to solve any problem! You and your clients need to have open communication to share every possible idea and thought. This provides the right platform to share new ideas.

No matter how minor the problem is, it is essential that agencies and clients communicate, such that the clients make the agencies understand as to what kind of deliverables they want and similarly, the agency should discuss with the clients how they plan of achieving the same.  

Disorganized plan

A disorganized plan and lots of goals is not a good combination.

Categorize and plan your goals according to the priority and benefits associated with it.

And then plan out a list of activities that will help you achieve these goals. An ideal way would be to categorize goals to short term goals and long term goals.

It is therefore essential that agencies and clients have access to the same set of data – which is updated regularly.  

A disorganized plan will not bring the desired results and will lead to unsatisfied clients.

Different goals

Many times, the agency and the clients have different goals. Let’s say the expertise of the agency tells that the client should initially target lesser customers, however, for the client it’s just the opposite.  

In cases like these, have an open discussion and narrow down to a conclusion that is beneficial to both. The agency and the client need to be on the same page.

Lack of industry trends

As the needs and demands of the clients are changing, so is the scenario in the market. Therefore, it is important that the agency is updated about the trends that are buzzing in the market. The only way to know about these trends is possible by thorough market research.  

To be a step ahead of your competitors, you need to have that spark and offer something different.

No evident results

The chances of losing a client are higher if they are unsatisfied with the results. If you as an agency are unable to show them evident results, you might lose the client.

Most of the times, in the quest to deliver and satisfy the clients, the agencies over promise. Although, it is always considered good if you deliver more than promised. But make sure that the deliverable is within your scope of area.   

How to get clients for your agency and retaining them is one of the aspects of a successful agency. Now that you are aware of the reasons why agencies lose clients, you are better placed as compared to your competitors.

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