5 Things to do Before You Start Your Website

5 Things to do Before You Start Your Website

June 8, 2021

Congratulations on starting your website! It is a very important step that can tremendously impact your business and completely shift things around. However, as with everything else, you need to make sure that you’re doing things the right way in order to achieve the results you’re wishing for and we’re here to help you make sure you do exactly that.

There are hundreds of individuals starting a new website every single day (if not even more), which means that yours needs to b0e extraordinary in order to stand out and truly succeed. Before launching it, you need to make sure that your website is the best it can be; you need to take a lot of things into consideration to make sure that your users will benefit from the best possible experience, and we’re here to help you check them all.

1. Agree upon the purpose of your website

Depending on your company’s activity (or yours if the website is for personal use) you need to agree upon the purpose of your website. Is it going to sell products? Is it going to inform people of your brands’ existence and encourage them to get in touch or visit your location? Is it going to be simply an awareness website that wishes to inform individuals about a certain matter? Or…maybe it is a mix between all of the above? Regardless of the answer, you need to make sure that you have it cleared out before even starting your website. You can even write it down somewhere so that you always keep it in mind. 

With a clear purpose in mind, all the other elements will fall into place.

2. Carefully decide on layout and design

All great ideas and businesses come in a beautiful, breathtaking presentation that one simply can’t object to. Behind every powerful idea lies an amazing website design that perfectly tells its story and keeps users hooked.

Just as in fashion, the way you “dress” you brand and business will not only create a good impression, but it will also increase trust and reliability, making the experience so much more pleasant for users. There are numerous styles you can choose from, but what we believe to be tremendously important is to look at what others are currently doing in your niche. There’s a lot of web design inspiration online that you can check out and we strongly advise you to do so.

Every color you pick, every button and each element are responsible for telling your brand’s story so make sure they tell a great one. Make sure that you pick the web design that best suits your business to make customers fall in love with you. 

3. Research your competition

Nowadays, being one of a kind in the online world is quite a challenge; the competition across all niches is so high that chances are there will be numerous others with similar businesses like yours. However, having a lot of competition can motivate you to do better. Research your competitors and write down the things you can do differently and better. Use your competitors’ good practices and turn them into something even better, adapted to your website and company. 

Even more, make sure not to look only at the good parts, as there’s always some good in the bad. Research where others perform poorly and make sure you perform better in order to attract visitors to your website and retain them. 

Scroll through your competitors’ social media accounts and check out the comments: what do people complain about? What do people brag about? What do they enjoy most or care about most? Take all that information and use it in your favor. 

4. Have a clear target market in mind

In order to achieve good results, regardless of the niche you’re in, you need to know your target market and audience. Do whatever you can to create a target customer profile and have a clear image in mind: what do they like? How much do you think they earn per month? What hobbies do they have? What do they enjoy doing the most? What jobs do they have? Are they family-oriented or not? All this information and so much more can help you optimize your website for them, creating a virtual space in which they will feel good. 

Moreover, having a clear target market in mind will help you stay consistent in your communication and branding, which will create trust and retain consumers long term. In short, make sure you know who you’re talking and selling to. 

5. Carefully plan your pages and content

Every page you add and every word you type can make the difference between success and failure. What do you want to tell visitors? What do you want them to find on your website and in what tone of voice and order? Do you want them to have a lot of information at their disposal or maybe maintain a bit of mystery?

Regardless of the strategy you want to adapt, it is important to understand that information must be exceptionally written and presented in order to appeal not only to your visitors, but also to Google. SEO is and will always be king, which means that you need to structure and write all information in a friendly, easy to go through way that provides value to the visitors so that Google will not only approve of you, but also give you a nice spot on the front page.

Of course, there are numerous other things that you need to take into consideration, such as: preparing and optimizing all your images so that your website loads as fast as possible but still looks amazing, create a stunning logo that is easy to see and understand no matter where you place it, and pick a domain that’s short and easy to remember. However, these 5 things are what we consider to be ‘must-haves’ for your website to grow into the successful business you wish it to be!

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