5 Tips on how to Make a Website Look Professional

5 Tips on how to Make a Website Look Professional

April 19, 2018

A business website is the representation of a brand. Not every online visitor is your customer. So, you need to be a problem solver for your niche specific audience. Remember, these visitors may or may not revisit your business website, depending on the kind of experience they have the first time.

But the question remains ‘how can you grab your user’s attention?’ There are some ground rules you need to abide by, to design the best-looking website ever.

There are multiple factors ranging from content to font style, images used and its appropriate marketing that help in making top class websites. A lot of times, people overlook these important aspects of building a good website. Content and design are two very important factors that possibly contribute to the first impression a visitor has when visiting your website. But to truly come across as a well-designed website, it must give your user a great experience.

Although, it is good to showcase one’s strength, it is not a great idea to boast about your achievements. What you have achieved as a business must come across naturally and in a manner as subtle as possible. Users would consider your website as first-class grade website and would revisit your website depending on the viewing experience.

Here are some effective tips for designing top class websites:

Clutter-free web page

Try to focus on and highlight a single point on a web page. Don’t confuse your readers by giving away multiple key pointers. Use accurate keywords that send your message across clearly to your readers the way you want it.

The key focus here should be to keep your home or landing page clutter free. Including white space on the web page enhances its overall look and feel. Adding CTAs and USPs to your website on areas where users engage with them requires some research. Usually CTAs are placed at the bottom of the page, but can vary from business to business.

Visual design

An elegant and subtle design appeals to a user more than anything else. The textures, fonts and images account for a major part of the look and feel of the website. Try and test different font styles and sizes to comprehend the best-looking design. Don’t be exorbitant in making your page look fancy.

While designing your website’s landing page, make a visual model that displays how your web page will look like. This gives you a chance to improve any faults.

Learn how to convert images (for example, from HEIC to JPG, etc) to improve image quality.

Mobile & customer friendly

Considering the fact that most people now use their mobile devices to surf the internet, your website must be mobile friendly. In fact, it should be optimized for all PC, tablets and mobile. Things like responsiveness, navigation and speed should be kept in mind while building your website.


Writing content that is easily understandable by your readers must be your priority. Although content needs to be written keeping in mind SEO, you must always write content for your readers first and search engines later.

Including facts and figures to your content adds more value and also makes it easier to recall. Don’t use big words that everybody may not understand. Also, remember to keep your most important content before the fold.

If you cover 99% of the topic in one page, then you are placing your website at a better position.  By providing relevant information, you are reducing the chances of your readers to go to any other site for related information.

Exploring/viewing experience

The more easy and comfortable you make the experience for your visitors, the more likely they are to stick around with your brand.  There are a number of free online marketing tools that can help make your website more professional. Tools like Wix, which provide free icons, help in making great website design without having too much knowledge about website designing.

All brand and businesses, big or small, must invest time and effort into building a world-class website. Not only does your website act as a marketing tool, but can also make or break a potential deal for you.

Hope we were able to make you aware about some tips on how to make good looking websites. If you think we missed out on something, let us know in the comments below.

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