6 Best WordPress Themes For Cryptocurrency

6 Best WordPress Themes For Cryptocurrency

Ani Johnson
December 23, 2021

Among the 1.3 billion total websites on the global web, around 455 million websites use WordPress. The chain of hierarchy that Bitcoin has created with its value, fame and name, every other person wants to make a Cryptocurrency website.

Creating a website is not that easy (sorry, it was in the past). But now it is possible. With little knowledge of WordPress and some excellent WordPress themes, you are not too far from creating your cryptocurrency website.

This article will discuss some WordPress themes to help you build a Cryptocurrency website.

Best WordPress Themes For Cryptocurrency

It doesn't matter if you are creating a Cryptocurrency blog, Cryptocurrency exchange, or Cryptocurrency magazine; WordPress is the best website building platform that you can rely on.

WordPress has many themes to help Cryptocurrency lovers feel right at home with impressive Cryptocurrency web design. Here are some of the themes that will make your Cryptocurrency website ideal for your audience. In addition, we have discussed the features and prices in detail.


The first name on our list is Crypto. Creating a Cryptocurrency blog using the Crypto WordPress theme is a great idea. Relaying Cryptocurrency related news and information through the blog post can be impressive if you use the Crypto theme.

The theme contains features that are exclusively great for bloggers, commentators, and traders. In addition, it packs plenty of features to help you customize your website to the maximum potential. Also, the theme is highly responsive.


  • A variety of demos are available.
  • The advanced theme for designing high-quality websites.
  • Crypto WordPress themes are not very expensive.
  • Built-in demos are there to help you create just the type of Cryptocurrency website you are willing to make.

Price: $39


Not just a Cryptocurrency website, Divi is an allrounder. This WordPress theme allows you to create almost all types of Websites with ease. This theme is now one of the most prominent WordPress themes.

The specialty of Divi is that it allows live editing. You can view your design editing in real-time. When editing the website, the changes you make are visible when you're using Divi.


  • Divi comes with 46 content elements.
  • Twenty pre-made layouts are available; also, users get import and export options.
  • It provides draggable widths.
  • A Customizable UI.
  • Wide range of custom CSS animation.
  • Many other features are affordable at a considerable price point.

Price: $67


Crypterio comes with more bundles of features and multiple demos. It makes it easier for even a novice website creator to get the website of their dreams going. You don't have to be a mastermind to create a website using Crypterio. There are a large number of demos included in the Crypterio theme.


  • Clean and elegant-looking website design is possible using Crypterio.
  • The demos on Crypterio give creators full control over their websites.
  • Landing page demos are included; premade content blocks are also available.
  • Cryptyerio comes with a drag-and-drop page builder.

Price: $59


The name Blockchain already reeks of Cryptocurrency. It doesn't disappoint the users in terms of features and price. Modifying the aesthetic of your Cryptocurrency website becomes easier with Blockchain. The High-functionality of a Cryptocurrency website and the desired Cryptocurrency aesthetic are what you get in the Blockchain theme.


  • A wide range of Widgets is available.
  • You can update the exchange rates of different Cryptocurrencies.
  • Dedicated header and style options are available.
  • The state-of-the-art website looks.

Price: $35


Rebit is another cool Cryptocurrency WordPress theme great for Cryptocurrency blog websites. The theme is unique and stylish. It allows you to access various devices, from smartphones to tablets. You can cater to all types of Cryptocurrency information using Rrebyte. Here are the features.


  • It allows you to access from anywhere in the world and offers the flexibility of devices.
  • Users get a large set of free images to use on the website.
  • It gives access to the Jet Element plugin.

Price: $49


Another impressive theme for creating a Cryptocurrency news portal, Cryptocurrency blog, or Cryptocurrency consultancy service is ChainBit. It has intuitive features that a Cryptocurrency blog site needs. Just like Rebyte, it is also built on the mobile-first paradigm.


  • ChainBit is based on the mobile-first paradigm. It gives users access to all images for free.
  • Jet Element plugins are available in this Cryptocurrency WordPress theme.
  • Booked Appointment plugins come as complimentary.

Price: $75


Designing a Cryptocurrency website is now profitable. The market is growing every day, and it is the future of currencies. Starting a Cryptocurrency website with the WordPress themes mentioned above won't be difficult. All these themes have something unique in them. They also come at very affordable prices.

If you have chosen a theme already, get started and create your Cryptocurrency website ASAP. Also, do share your feedback about this article.

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