6 Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

6 Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

May 22, 2018

Artificial intelligence has been around for a while but still remains a buzzing term today! Artificial Intelligence has been a great development in our world of technology. And with technology ruling the domain of today’s marketing, the increase in the usage of this technology is prominent.

What is AI?

The father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, said that it is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. The truth is that Artificial Intelligence is not new, however, it has come to effectiveness that certifies it to call true AI.

Artificial intelligence, a popular term in the technological world is related to machine learning and deep learning precisely. Machine learning makes use of algorithms to discover patterns and generate insights from the data they are working on. On the other hand, deep learning is a subset of machine learning, one that brings AI closer to the goal of enabling machines to think and work as humans as possible.

AI is a debatable topic, where some would call it a blessing in disguise for businesses, while for some it is a technology that endangers the mere existence of humankind. Artificial Intelligence has affected our lifestyle either directly or indirectly. In the near future, artificial intelligence would have taken over some major everyday tasks. It would also lead to people losing out on their jobs to machines.

When we say that technology is driving and shaping the future of tomorrow, we do mean that technology has its definite effects on our lifestyle. With Artificial Intelligence in question, success and failure are the same sides of the coin. Technology also has some disadvantages and challenges related to it. In this article, we’ll discuss some problems of artificial intelligence and its solutions.

You’ll find a lot of information on the Internet about artificial intelligence and its applications. But not a lot of attention has been given to the challenges of artificial intelligence. Here are some of the artificial intelligence challenges:

Building trust

AI is all related to science and algorithms, which lies on the technical side. People who are completely unaware of these algorithms and technology that lies behind the working of Artificial intelligence find it difficult to understand its functioning.

Here is how artificial intelligence can face trust issues with humans, in spite of its ability to cut down on tasks. It is a basic human psychology that we often neglect something that we don’t understand. We as humans tend to stay away from anything complicated. And artificial intelligence being related to huge data, data science and algorithms, there are times when users do not grasp these concepts.

AI human interface

The challenge here is the shortage of data science skills within humans to get maximum output from artificial intelligence. As for the businesses, there is a shortage of advanced skills. Business owners need to train their professionals to be able to leverage the benefits of this technology, including the potential advantages of machine learning outsourcing.

Statistics reveal that 55% of survey respondents felt the biggest challenge was the changing scope of human jobs when everything will be automated.


Another challenge of artificial intelligence is that not all business owners or managers are willing to invest in it. The funds required to set up and implement Artificial Intelligence is very high, thus not every business owner or organization can invest in it or can try it for their own business.

Software malfunction

No technology or human is perfect. In case of software or hardware crashes, it is difficult to put a finger on what went wrong. On the other hand, tasks performed by humans can be traced.

However, with machines and inbuilt algorithms in the picture, it is difficult to blame someone or find the cause of a software/hardware crash. A recent example of this is the self-driving cars that took the life of a pedestrian.

AI can’t replace every task

Ever since AI made its way into our lives, we have a notion that all tasks, minute or a gigantic, can be managed by artificial intelligence. However, this can be true to a certain extent. But not all the tasks can be undertaken by AI.

AI is more like a tool that helps increase the productivity of a task. It has the ability to replace all the worldly tasks with machines and lets you do more productive tasks with your time. This is a tool that strengthens and boost the performance and efficiency of an average worker.

Higher expectations

AI could have serious issues with the expectations of the people around. People, in general, don’t have a detailed understanding of how AI works and hence they have extremely high expectations; some of which are not even possible.

Humans have a tendency to expect high from something that is trending and the outputs from it are also going to be excellent. However, like any other technology, there are certain limitations associated with AI.

Experts belonging to various industries are pretty sure that artificial intelligence will rule the next era, but there are some challenges that are a problem for artificial intelligence.

As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence has seen much hype in the market. However, AI is still in its initial phase. After reading this blog, we hope you have a better idea about the future of artificial intelligence! This might have enhanced your perspective on artificial intelligence as a whole. If we missed out on something, let us know in the comments below!

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