6 Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business

6 Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business

December 3, 2018
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In this age of technology, online marketing strategies for small business is a must to gain leads, queries, increased sales and to earn profits. This article will provide you with some tips on small business marketing strategies that work in the digital world and some of the best marketing strategies used by companies.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

This is one of the most effective and frequently used online marketing strategies for small business. SEO helps to increase the number of people visiting your website and so for your small business to thrive you need to ensure that your website is the highest ranking sites on the search result page. You can use SEO in 2 ways:

  1. Identify and search for keywords that are most commonly used by customers and then use them throughout the article
  2. Provide useful and unique information and content to people who are looking for answers or solutions

Mobile Marketing

With the advancement in technology, smartphones are the most common devices used by people to surf the web, make phone calls and read emails. Hence, mobile marketing is currently one of the best marketing strategies for online business as it helps to reach a broader range of customers. To effectively capture the attention of your customers you must:

  1. Design an attractive landing page
  2. Excellent loading speed
  3. Provide accurate information about products and services

Social Media Marketing

This is the next-gen online marketing and online advertising strategy which has a great influence on your business. A few years ago marketing was easily done either on television, newspapers or yellow pages but today marketing has shifted its focus on social media marketing. Especially because people search for products and services on social media sites like the Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest before they buy, it is important that you stay active on social media in order for people to recognize your business.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best marketing strategies used by companies in today’s digital world. This versatile strategy can be used to promote your business, do live streaming and also display your customer’s testimonials. The advantage of this strategy is that the human brain has a powerful ability to retain what it sees for a longer period of time and so it is easy to attract customers by what they see. Hence, design a video that will build confidence in your customers and strengthen a long lasting relationship even before they meet you in person.

Email Marketing

Statistics reveal that a large percentage of small businesses that have used this avenue of marketing have seen success. It not only helps you to gain new customers but also helps to bond with your existing customers. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to get your existing customers and users to repeat purchases with your brand. It is a way to keep connected with your customers and show them that they are always appreciated for doing business with you. Most businesses use email marketing to communicate offers and discounts to their existing customers.

Reviews and Ratings

From time to time you must keep a check on what your customers talk about your business. Having a good review or a rating speaks a lot about your business. Customers prefer reading reviews of other people before they think of buying products. So make sure that you acknowledge the reviews made by each customer on your website and always be positive when you respond. Go ahead and request your customers to leave a review or rating for your business. It is best to be genuine and simply ask for reviews. Do not ever indulge in uploading fake reviews in order to come across as good. Listening to your audience will give you enough feedback and insights on what to improve in order for your customers to appreciate your brand even more.

Whether you have a small business or small-to-medium enterprise also known as SME, these marketing strategies can be used to increase profits and convert visitors to potential customers. So, take control of your business in this competitive digital era and make your visibility known by showcasing your business across the world.

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