6 Effective Sales and Marketing Tips

6 Effective Sales and Marketing Tips

March 11, 2019

Sales and marketing are the backbone of a business. It is the driving force that is responsible for generating revenue.

So is your marketing and sales on track? If yes, then you’ve probably got all your protocols and plans in place. If not, this blog on sales and marketing tactics will give you a starting point and guide you on how to go about it.

The sales and revenue generated by your company or organization can be improved by implementing well thought out sales and marketing strategies. Put simply, you should be able to market and sell the right product/service to the right people at the right time.

Tip to remember: Don’t be too aggressive while you are marketing and selling; you do not want to come across as desperate for customers/leads. So, avoid rigorous marketing and sales, as they mostly don’t work and can annoy your target audience.

Here are 6 essential sales and marketing tips:

A Plan in Place

Start out by prioritizing your business goals and how you plan on achieving them. And stick to one plan.

Make your sales and marketing goals very clear. The goals could be anything - launching a new product, kick-starting a new campaign, getting more customers to subscribe to your service or product, newsletter etc.

Once you have your goals and a plan in place, you can begin your marketing and sales activities. This first step is important since it gives you some sort of direction before you start out your activities.

Also, always have a backup plan in case the first plan fails. This will make sure you’re not stranded in case things don’t go out as planned.

Find your Customer Base

Finding the right customer base is perhaps the most important for business growth. Unless you’re targeting customers who need your products or services, your business will not witness any growth.

Think about it! Only somebody who needs your product would be willing to listen to anything you have to say. That’s why, you need to know your niche audience, what are their needs and why would they be willing to buy a service/product from you.

For this, you need to carry out detailed research and see who all your potential customers are.  You can take help from your previous campaigns to know who falls under your customer base.  A great way to do this is to take a look at your insights and analyze demographics, locations, etc.

The Right Pitch

Once you have figured out what you want to sell, you now need to pitch it accurately to the right audience. For this, you need to be well aware of your audience, which means you need to think like them. Additionally, this also requires that you know your own product or service extremely well. The more you understand the product or service you’re trying to sell, the better your chances are of actually making a sale. Knowing your product well will help you convey its benefits to the target audience.

Try understanding why a user would be interested in your products or services.

Always remember, while pitching to somebody - don’t sell the product. Sell the benefits of using that product or service. Or talk about the problems it will solve. You also need to highlight how your business is different from the others. This means you need to highlight the USPs of your business products/services. 

Spread the Word

In this era of technology and digital marketing, using social media for effectively marketing and practicing sales is the safest bet.

With every other person having an account on the social media channel, marketing via social media is quite easy. Talking about the business on different social media channels will increase your online visibility significantly. If you're a B2B salesperson, remember to diversify your channels as much as possible. One of the best way to proceed is to use LinkedIn cold messages. This way, you can reach out to many B2B leads with very fin targeting and a high conversion rate.

Make sure your brand is present on the channels it needs to be present on. You don’t have to be on every social media channel out there if it’s not in line with your business. For example, if you’re a beauty brand, pinterest is more important than LinkedIn.

Be Innovative

The ways of marketing and sales are and have been evolving with time. The approach used by organization decades back has been replaced by the new ones. This means that the marketing and sales team of an organization must know the recent trends in the market.

This also denotes that a marketing strategy that had worked for you in the past might not work now. Be creative with your business strategies, keeping in mind the channels you use to market them.

Try and Test

Try and test is the new anthem of the marketers.

A business strategy that cannot be measured is of no use. Whatever is the marketing strategy you need to first try and test it. Only then you will be able to know whether the strategy is going to help accomplish all your goals or not. It is unlikely that you’ll get your marketing strategy right the very first time.

It is possible that your strategy might not work at all. Also, it is possible that if your strategy kicks off, you need to analyze the reason why it worked in the first place. This will help you pinpoint the reason for the expansion in your business sales.

We hope this blog helped you understand the importance of sales and marketing tactics to help grow a business or startup. Follow these steps to initiate the process for your business. Already follow a sales and marketing strategy? Let us know about it in the comments and how it helps you grow your business.
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