6 Efficient Techniques to Optimize your Social Media Business Page

6 Efficient Techniques to Optimize your Social Media Business Page

October 13, 2017

Today, almost every business or brand wants to be present on the social media platforms and yes indeed they need to be!

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. are certainly important for B2C firms. Platforms like LinkedIn are useful for B2B businesses. Just as we make ourselves appear presentable at a social gathering, we need to optimize the presentation of our social media business page so that our audience starts engaging with our page. But to achieve this level of engagement on your social media page, you need to optimize your accounts and keep them updated for your readers!

You must follow certain norms to optimize your social media business page:

Suitable account name for your social media business page:

This part is easy but crucial. Your account name is what your customers/ business prospects are going to look for you on social media. The name should be small and catchy and should be indicative of the nature of your business. It is recommended that you have a tagline of 3-4 words to accompany it; this tag line should let others know about your vision and should ideally be a part of your profile picture (of the business page) as well.

Setting up a profile and cover photo:

A profile picture is the true reflection of your business in the social media world!

The profile picture should be something original; it can represent your firm’s logo, your firm name, a unique symbol etc. It should be simple yet attractive. Use it effectively as it is important and helps the audience in recognizing your business. Your unique identity on social media is as important. Also, remember to update your profile picture in case things change in your company.

The cover photo of your business page serve more than just being your brand image or logo. It can be a reference to a new product launch, events/ campaigns, sales/discounts offers, promoting your USP etc.

Add an appealing business description:

Adding descriptions for your business on your social media business page should be your priority. This is where your customer or prospects look to get a good idea about your brand and business. On social media, time is a crucial element. If today customers/ prospects don’t find things they are looking for, there are very little chances that they will visit your page again. Therefore a business description should be short and precise to clearly communicate your business to those who are looking for it. Adding website links, firm’s location & address, contact number, email IDs for contact will help complete your profile. This will not only make your products and services more accessible but also helps improve their Google search engine results on Google+. 

Adding appropriate keywords:

Keywords are an integral part of SEO, so for your page to be completely optimized you need to add keywords to your business page. A business page on any platform is incomplete unless you add appropriate keywords on your business pages. You must add relevant keywords with a high search volume, which are also generic to the nature of your business. Try to analyze and study keywords that have a higher chance of ranking, such that your posts is the first post your customers see when searching for that particular keyword.

Pinned posts:

The concept of pinned posts actually works fairly well on Twitter, where businesses usually pin their business posts that are popular amongst their readers. To pin a post on Twitter is to stick a particular post to the top of your Twitter profile so that every reader goes through it, no matter what he came looking for.

Consistency in social media profiles:

A business can be online on various platforms, but it is important that a business maintains the consistency in all its business pages across all networks. This makes it easy for your customers to easily recognize your business on different social media platforms. The profile picture is the first thing that a user sees about a brand, and can recognize your brand across various social media channels.

It becomes necessary to keep in mind certain factors when optimizing social media pages for your business. Customers make instant decisions on social media platforms based on your profile picture, cover photo, tagline, and description about of your business. Here onwards it is simple, they will either follow/like you or simply ignore you. But if they follow you, know that they wish to learn from you and interact with you.



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