6 Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas

6 Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas

May 11, 2018

Are you struggling to get a fantastic online presence for your business? Then you’ve landed on the right blog!

The marketing techniques used years back will not yield fruitful results in today’s technology-driven marketing world. As for the businesses, staying updated on latest trends in the market is the need of the hour.

This is a reality and probably a challenge that most businesses are often facing. Unless a business highlights the pain points of its potential customers, it can never be on customer’s radar. This is where technology can help you pinpoint your potential customers. So, an innovative digital marketing campaign is what your business needs.

It is the time for businesses to reflect the vision it beholds, in a much creative way. So, next time you are planning a best digital marketing company, connect with the best digital marketing company or try implementing these ideas :

Combine voice search

Have you used voice search? Well, statistics reveal that 20% of mobile searches on Google are made via voice and the trend is becoming ever popular amongst the adults. With smartphones being at an arm’s reach, it is possibly the best companion any person has in today’s world.

With a shift in technology, marketers need to change the methods and techniques of marketing themselves appropriately to their target audience. The trend of voice search on mobile is gaining momentum.

Innovating ads

Trending technologies like Bigdata, Artificial Intelligence are buzzing everywhere on the internet! These technologies have many benefits that result in the growth of a business. If businesses are able to incorporate and implement these technologies into their business strategies, the results will be worth admiring.

A simple marketing campaign will not get fruitful results. To really leverage trends, it is important to shift your focus to get innovation in your online marketing campaign to create an appealing advertisement for your users.

Live videos

Video marketing is one such element of social media which is not dying out anytime soon. Recall the last time you checked your social media profile for interesting stuff and you ended up watching a video!

With mobile marketing on the rise in recent years, video content is the preferred form of content for most people. It is easy to establish a strong presence by creating video content for your business. If this content revolves around the pain points of your customers and the solutions you have to offer, you can become your customer’s favorite in no time!

Nurture marketing on emotions

A customer’s psychology while buying a product is dependent on various factors, one of the factors being emotion.

Brands in the market are wisely using these emotions to their advantage. For this, a business needs to understand the customer buying process and these insights can help to get the core points of your customer. You can include these core points in your marketing strategy.

Your own business app

With 99% of customer activities being performed via a mobile, it becomes a perfect spot for businesses to target their potential customers. Having an application for your business has many benefits which help your business grow.

Having a mobile application for your business has many benefits like building business credibility, boosting the customer engagement thus increasing the revenue and sales incredibly.


Chatbots are a must have for any business in today’s marketing scenario. But what is the purpose of chatbots? They are basically for customer communication and easing out their lives.

According to the statistics, 80% of businesses reported that they already use or plan to use chatbots by 2020. As marketing is now dependent on technology, businesses are bound to implement chatbots in their strategy.

While planning a digital marketing campaign, remember to inculcate the tips mentioned above!

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