6 Real Time Applications of Artificial Intelligence

6 Real Time Applications of Artificial Intelligence

October 17, 2018

In the recent past, one of the technologies that has been gaining momentum is artificial intelligence aka AI. When customers were surveyed about the next big thing that is trending, 26% said artificial intelligence.

Can you predict how artificial intelligence will change the future? With increasing human dependency on smart machines, the day is not far when these machines will outnumber humans. AI is driving us to a future where humans will be dependent on technology for every task. According to research, by 2020, at least 30% of all companies will use AI for the purpose of marketing their business.

The rise of technology is indeed a debatable topic. Some say that it is a blessing while some say that it is nothing less than a disaster. As far as businesses are concerned, the growth of AI in marketing cannot be overlooked.

No doubt that AI is easing out our lives, but at the same time it is increasing our dependency on these machines. This is why scientists are a bit confused about the future scope of artificial intelligence. You might have even heard about Tesla’s driverless cars that are completely driven by technology. Like any other technology, there are pros and cons of artificial intelligence too.

If you use the Internet regularly, you’re probably using real-time applications of artificial intelligence without realizing it.

Here are the applications of artificial intelligence in the real world


Have you wondered how these online shopping portals get to know your preferences? How do they end up showing you products that are aligned with your sense of style or what you have been looking for?

To understand their customers better and know their preferences, AI is being used by eCommerce giants like Amazon. They get to know about your preferences and give a personalized shopping experience to a user. This is possible because of AI and its subset i.e. machine learning.

As and when users use applications, the application and AI used in it collects data like location, time spent on the page, type of products looked at, amount of time spent on a certain product, etc. Basically, it observes how, when and what you interact with. This is why you see recommendations about certain content that you might like.


The healthcare industry is one of such industry that is witnessing the implementation of AI on a large scale. AI cannot completely replace doctors but can make the human doctors smarter.

Heard about Molly, the virtual nurse? It is developed by a US company Sense.ly, that is assisting doctors in monitoring their patients in the most efficient way. Molly is designed to have a human conversation with the patients, and assist the patients in any manner possible. This helps doctors concentrate on other tasks that require their attention.


Heard about Amazon Go? The concept of Amazon Go revolves around a retail store that has a virtual payment system.

Unlike the traditional systems, this concept is ditching the long queues at the checkout counter. The customers have to log in with their Amazon Go account and then everything is automated. The sensors enabled track all the items that a customer wants to purchase and have added to their shopping cart. The payment for same is done via the Amazon Go app once the customer exits the store.

This concept of retail shopping will soon change how other brands and businesses manage their payments in the future.


Robots, a byproduct of artificial intelligence and technology, are on the rise! Know all about robots here!

Manufacturing is one sector where we are witnessing humans being replaced by robots. This takes place in industries where human security is threatened. Robots, being machines, are more efficient than humans in carrying out continuous tasks without taking any rest. Thus making an ideal replacement for humans where human security is threatened.

Robots are largely used in assembly line production processes and will continue to be used more and more in the manufacturing industry. Robots enable manufacturers to produce more products at a faster rate.

Self-driving cars

If you know about the latest happenings in the world, then you might have heard about the driver-less cars. These intelligent cars can gauge the speed at which they should go, what direction they should follow and everything else that a human driver must know while driving, all thanks to technology and artificial intelligence.

Tesla is the first automotive brand that developed a self-driving vehicle. Even though the concept has not been totally frozen yet, we can expect to see a rise in this type of technology in the future.

Marketing a business

AI is something that is able to boost sales and marketing for a business. The growth of artificial intelligence in marketing is something we cannot overlook.

Through AI, a business that has launched an ad online can know who all can be the possible target audience. AI is also used on social media and websites to respond to prospective or existing customers on chatboxes.

Adext is a great example of businesses implementing AI in their marketing strategies. Because as long as you are marketing manually, the chances of your business succeeding are very less. Instead, when you have an intelligent assistant that knows what, where and whom to market your business to, the chances of making business profit increases.

The future has lots for us when it comes to technology. We are developing more and more technologies at a faster rate to help solve problems and carry out tasks more efficiently. So, when we say that the future is technology driven, we’re sure we’re not wrong.

What do you think are the various other applications of artificial intelligence? Let us know in the comments below!

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