6 Ways to Increase Followers for your Facebook Business Page!

6 Ways to Increase Followers for your Facebook Business Page!

October 6, 2017

The more Facebook fans you have on your business page, the more your Facebook posts are likely to get noticed. But are all your fans interested in engaging with your posts?

While you may want to increase the number of fans you have on your Facebook business page, you must keep in mind the relevance of “quality fans”. That means the number of people who actually care about your brand and enjoy interacting with it.

What you need to do is convince people who like your posts to like your page as well. This way, they have an opportunity to see more of the content you post. Now the question is how to engage such Facebook fans on your page? Well, what if we tell you that there is a way of doing this and it’s a way hidden in Facebook itself?

Here are some tips to increase genuine Facebook followers:

Run contests

Launch a campaign on Facebook live where you inform your customers about the events that are upcoming. Highlighting the main attraction of the campaign through a 360 video, this compels the viewers to explore it further.


Writing blogs is an excellent way to talk about any topic ranging from hobbies to a trending topic. Blogging is the most popular way of sharing information and providing useful tips. Your Facebook followers who are keen on exploring and understanding your field or industry would enjoy reading your blogs! But remember to keep them original and informative!

Using hashtags

Hashtags make your post more visible online. If a user is specifically searching for a particular hashtag, they are more likely to stumble upon your post. Not only are you targeting your niche audience through hashtags, but also making yourself available to other prospects. Use hashtags that are relevant to your field and are trending!

Follow and follow back

To increase the number of Facebook followers, you have to follow back! It can be simply defined as a two way interaction process; no matter how big your brand name is or how many followers you have, when you follow your followers back, it adds a personal touch and adds value to your brand!

Being interactive

Start conversations on topics that interest your Facebook followers the most. It’s great to have a good conversation with your followers on and off. This keeps them engaged and gives them a feeling of trust, especially if you’re a big brand!

Sharing alluring videos

Adding more videos to your Facebook business page attracts more visitors. Graphics work better than written content to attract more followers. According to research, a video is more successful than both an image and written content. A video that uses interesting images & has an excellent concept is more likely to be viewed by users and hence will get more traffic to the website.   

By doing this, you will have a collection of “relevant fans” for free! Having relevant fans is more important than just collecting numbers, since they truly enjoy engaging with your brand. Use the above mentioned tips to boost your business on Facebook!


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