7 Best Photo Organizing Software Programs

7 Best Photo Organizing Software Programs

Ezio Montoya
August 21, 2020

Photos are the pictorial representation of each memory that you relive every time you face it. So it is necessary to ensure that such images are stored in proper software. Photo organizing software aims at storing and managing those memories in your device forever. In addition to that, photo editing is also a critical factor in such software.

If you are searching for Picture organizing software, opt for a photo management program for windows and Mac that saves your raw files no matter what size it is—tired of poorly labeled files and folders scattered around the device? Let’s count on the 7 best photo organizing and editing software.  

1. Movavi Photo Manager

A Desktop photo organizing software for windows and Mac that stores images in all forms – JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc. It manages the collection and allows you to access efficiently. A smart face recognition feature enables the creation of an album of images for each individual.

Hassle-free navigation with a hard drive space of 500mb provides you with standard editing tools even. Other features include tagging pictures and creating albums according to fate and location. The free trial is limited to three days; buy a premiere to enjoy this Picture organizer software

2. Google Photos

Looking for Photo organizing software for android? You have landed in a safe place where you can store, organize, and manage your photos. Just turn on the backup and sync functions available on your phone and enjoy the software for free.

Apart from this, the software also creates animation, video memories, and a reminder of a year old pictures. And the icing on the cake is that the software is free to access and secure sharing both individually or in a group. The important search function is another critical tool to find a picture. Simple interface with an automatic backup fits into requirements

3. JetPhoto Studio 5

One of the best photo organizing and editing software that will make you drops other software. It gives enough features to organize folders by date, keyword, and category. Allows importing files with one single drag, thereby making it efficient in use. Colour corrections and light adjustments are the additional features that help you to edit, create, and optimize images. Sharing of pictures is also enabled for this photo organizing software. Slideshows and flash galleries are the aesthetics that add to this software.

4. Adobe Bridge

If you are using or have used Adobe Photoshop, this photo organizing software is an easy-to-go program. This Photo Manager for Windows and Mac is known for its advanced editing tools, which helps you carry on with your colorful images.

The key feature of this software is to ensure that the user can import images through devices such as digital cameras, card readers, etc. Adobe Bridge is paid software to edit and store pictures with a hard drive space of 2 GB. Apart from this, it also supports HIDPI and Retina screens.

5. Magix Photo Manager Deluxe

A photo organizing software that categorizes images on size, date, location and facial recognition allows easy browsing of photos. Magix Photo Manager Deluxe is a photo managing software for windows that provides unlimited space for photo and video collection.

Cloud import helps you to combine photo libraries to organize in all types and formats. The standard editing feature allows color correction such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. The specification of this photo organizer is filtering for the quick sorting of images. You can access the software with a free version, but eventually, have to pay for it to upgrade the entire feature.

6. XnViewMP

With XnView, you can access, browse, categorize, edit, and sort photos according to your choice. This free photo managing software allows you to store pictures in any format, including EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata.

Viewing of images in any form that is included, be it thumbnail or Slideshow. With the photo editing feature in the software, you can access the depth of editing by comparing, resizing, and applying filters. XnView changes the resolution of images and allows batch conversion and editing. Exporting of images is possible in 70 different file formats without cloud storage. You have to arrange pictures.

7. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image viewer is a photo organizing software that supports all primary graphics forms such as GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO, JPG, JPEG, etc. which makes it in the list of 7 best photo managing software.

The management features and image viewing tool is easily accessed with a user-friendly interface. While the struggle with importing images in this software might be itchy as there is no cloud storage upload. But the editing feature and image viewing tool upgrade the parameters of making your experience worth using.


While we are fidgeting over the choice of best photo organizing software, you can find something helpful for yourself with these helpful photo organizer software. Or you can opt for primitive methods. Creating files and folders named at certain events, occasions, functions, or names of individuals. Keeping the stock up to date and categorizing photos with one’s format. Or upgrade by saving time and use the software mentioned above to get the most of it.

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