7 Examples of Amazing Hotel Landing Pages

7 Examples of Amazing Hotel Landing Pages

March 16, 2021

As a hotel business owner, topmost on your mind would be how to compel site visitors to make more bookings. Your hotel rooms and aesthetics are exceptional, and so are your services, but you are yet to reach your marketing goals. This leaves you wondering why sales are moving slowly.

This might be because you do not make it seamless and easy for visitors to make bookings. You channel all your sales links to your homepage and social media pages.

Homepages are great, but they aren't sufficient enough to get your visitors to make bookings. It’s the same with your social media pages, as they usually contain so many items and activities that may hinder a smooth purchase process. 

On the other hand, landing pages are effective if you are trying to motivate your customers to take a specific action. This may include booking hotel rooms, exploring available room options, scheduling a meeting, or signing up for email lists. 

This article will explain all you need to know about hotel landing pages, their benefits, features, and seven excellent examples of landing pages that work as you keep reading.

What Is a Landing Page? 

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A landing page is any type of web page that a prospective customer is directed to take action on your products or services. A landing page is usually a stand-alone and is very different from any other page on your website because it serves a single purpose. 

It is a crucial step to making a visitor a customer. It also helps you make more sales, track customer data, make special offers, and ultimately reach your marketing goals.

Why Is a Hotel Landing Page Perfect for Your Marketing Strategy?

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To make your guests book your accommodation service, you need an excellent landing page to get your guests to take your desired action.

An effective marketing strategy for your hotel drives qualified visitors to a landing page, and once they get there, you convince them you are the best hotel that suits their needs. 

Here are other reasons to opt for using a hotel landing page for your hotel marketing strategy.

1. Landing Pages Are Specific 

You might think your homepage is all you need to convert your visitors to customers. However, homepages are usually stuffed full of many items and actions.

These items include your about us, your services, sign-up forms, lead magnet section, and lots more. Although you might think having many options might equal increased sales, this usually isn't true. 

Having too many options can confuse your customers and prevent them from taking specific action like booking a room, which is the ultimate goal of any hotel business. 

On the other hand, landing pages are very specific to one goal; they do not give your customers many choices.

Rather, everything that makes a landing page, from its design to its text, is built towards getting your customers to make an action. This makes them more effective than other pages to convert your leads to customers. 

2. Landing Pages Target a More Specific Customer Base

Landing pages are more effective when it comes to targeting specific customers. 

Most times, the people you want on your landing page are qualified leads who already know what they want and are just looking for how they will seal the deal by making a purchase. 

Savvy hotel owners know this, which is why they invest in landing pages to target qualified leads and get them to book hotel rooms seamlessly. 

3. Landing Pages Create Sales Funnels

Landing pages are specific tools that top marketing online marketing funnels use.

By creating a landing page, you create a sales funnel conveniently, generating leads and converting them to customers to book hotel rooms. 

What Key Features Should a Standard Hotel Landing Page Have?

Landing pages are the key to more clicks and generating more sales revenue.

For a hotel landing page to be effective, it must have specific features. We discuss the most important of these features below:

1. Call To Action Buttons 

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Calls to action are the most important features of a hotel landing page because they contain the specific action you want your visitors to take. Without a call to action button, there is no way your visitors can book hotel rooms regardless of how compelling your landing page design is. 

2. Copy Length 

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The copy length of landing pages are determined by the specific action you want your visitors to take when they arrive on your landing page. 

Does your landing page have a few paragraphs or just a few bullet points?  To know what works better, you can try an ux research method to compare two different landing pages and identify which one compels your visitors to take action more. 


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Headlines are essential components of your landing page. They convey the benefits of your service, and if done well, can increase lead conversions and ultimately increase the number of bookings on your landing page. 

4. Social Proof 

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Social proof is an essential element your landing page must have. 

This is because they contain positive reviews about your business, convincing visitors on your landing page of a worthwhile experience. 

5. Website Design 

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A hotel web design is an essential part of a landing page. It captivates your visitors, urges them to stay longer, and compels them to take the desired action. 

An ideal hotel web design must be clean, uncluttered, and easy to navigate to provide visitors a seamless experience.

7 Examples of Impressive Hotel Landing Pages 

Image via https://tideway-bnb.lodgify.com/ 

Below are seven great examples of hotel landing pages that have proven to effectively convert visitors to customers through their outstanding qualities. 

Notice that each hotel or vacation rental website design is smooth and easy to navigate, has an excellent copy, persuasive call to action buttons, and SEO-friendly.

1. Casa Angelina

Image via https://www.casangelina.com/en/ 

Casa Angelina’s landing page has all the required components to compel any visitor to book hotel rooms. 

It contains a headline that communicates their essence and what they do, which clearly defines expectations for every visitor that lands on their page.

The Casa Angelina landing page also contains clear, functional photography that displays exactly what a visitor should expect from their services.

The Casa Angelina landing page delivers ease and functionality.

2. Vesper 

Image via https://www.vesperhotel.com/

Vesper Hotel’s landing page has an easy-to-navigate website design infused with warm colors that are engaging and inviting. 

The copy is simple and easy to understand and is further backed with compelling call-to-action buttons that leave visitors with the urge to click and explore the hotel rooms available. 

You also find clear, clean, and beautiful pictures that give a feel of what an experience in Vesper Hotel is like. 

3. The Maritime Hotel 

Image via https://www.themaritimehotel.com/ 

The Maritime Hotel landing page entails a beautiful, warm picture of a hotel setting. It has a  menu button at the top and an effective call to action button that drives the audience to action.

The Maritime hotel landing page design is uncluttered and provides easy navigation, making it really easy for visitors to make a decision. 

4. One And Only Cape Town


One and Only Cape Town landing page design is clean and easy to navigate through. 

The photography is also clear and inspirational as each picture effortlessly depicts comfort, class, and elegance. 

Each image also has a label underneath that conveys the type of service they render. This makes it compelling for visitors to want to book reservations because they have a clear picture of the hotel’s comfort and class provisions. 

Its copy is catchy and reveals exclusivity and finesse. It also has compelling call-to-action buttons that drive visitors to take the required action.

5. Amigo Motor Lounge 

Image via https://www.stayamigo.com/#new-page 

Amigo Motor Lounge’s landing page’s minimalist design makes it look clean, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. 

On the landing page are different clear and clean pictures of how the Amigo hotel rooms look. This gives visitors an insight into what to expect from Amigo Motor Lounge and how their experience would be. 

The landing page copy also consists of all the services available in the Amigo Motor lounge, making it really easy for visitors to decide and select which service to opt for. 

It is also infused with call-to-action buttons that compel visitors to book available hotel space, explore available rooms, check rates, and take necessary actions.

6. The Lincolnville Motel 

Image via https://www.lincolnvillemotel.com/ 

The Lincolnville Motel landing page has a fantastic landing page design with clear aspirational photos that makes any visitor that lands on the page want to lodge in the motel.

The landing page also contains a detailed copy that explains the amazing experience the Lincolnville motel provides.

The Lincolnville landing page has a call-to-action page which consists of a list of the services the Lincolnville motel provides. It makes it easy for visitors to see through its functional landing page design. 

7. Gramercy Park Hotel 

Image via https://www.gramercyparkhotel.com/# 

The Gramercy Park Hotel landing page is highly unique and functional.

It has beautiful, warm, aspirational photos of all the different rooms available at the Gramercy Park Hotel on display in a slide. This gives visitors to the site a feel of the beauty and comfort that comes with lodging in Gramercy Park hotel.

Besides its highly functional landing page is a call-to-action button that urges visitors to reserve a room.


Hotel landing pages are essential for your marketing strategy if you want to reach your sales goals as a hotel business owner. They are highly effective for converting qualified leads to customers. However, you must design them effectively and infuse them with the right features to enhance functionality.

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