7 Essential Tips for Using Twitter for Business

7 Essential Tips for Using Twitter for Business

April 25, 2018

Twitter is a microblogging service and social network rolled into one. It enables its users to send and read each other's updates known as tweets. With the number of monthly active Twitter users beyond 330 million, it is not surprising that it is valued at $16 billion!

Is twitter still as effective for business? Yes, it is. No doubt the usage of Twitter for a business has dwindled with time, but many businesses still feel the effectiveness of this platform. It lets you build the relationship with your customers. It provides you with an opportunity to tell the world about your business & the products/services you offer. Also, this helps the customers share/give an open feedback about the business which helps improve the business’s current status.

Twitter can help you promote your business, provided you do it the right way. Like other platforms, here is a guideline that will help you master the art of promoting your business on Twitter. Your business promotion should not seem deliberate, rather it should be done in a subtle manner that appeals to the users.

Here are some pointers on how to use Twitter for business marketing:

Build customer friendly environment:

Interact with people who follow you or whom you follow. Engage yourself in conversation, reply to tweets, share your knowledge with others, and appreciate other’s work. Talk about an upcoming event or a new product that is launching. This makes your brand better placed.

Do remember, it's not only about self-promotion! Ask for your user’s feedback, by running Twitter polls, listen to what they have to say. This way you build a healthy and a customer friendly relationship.

Not spamming with same links:

Don't talk only about your product. Sharing your website links is important for bringing the leads to your business, but remember, always sharing the same links with your users is likely to turn them off. This is one of the most common mistakes businesses make. They often think that constantly promoting your products and services will make them popular and boost sales, but the exact opposite happens.

Complete and updated profile:

Before promoting your business services/products, make sure your profile is complete and includes a link to your website. Your profile page should be personalized. The colour and logo on your profile should synchronize with your business website. Make yourself easily searchable and discoverable by adding keywords to your profile.

Let’s say you are able to attract users to your business profile after a successful marketing campaign but, your social media profile does not link to your business website. In such a case, drawing in traffic is of no use when they were lost navigating your social media profile.


Share interesting stuff that is relatable to a generic audience at large, which the generic users would want to explore. Give them a reason to share, like and retweet your posts. Instead of posting and sharing information about a particular domain, sharing information about generic happenings will draw in more users to your profile.

The trend that businesses usually follow is to talk and share about posts that are niche specific. However, if you start talking about generic topics, which an audience at large can relate to, you are bound to attract more viewers. 

Twitter polls:

How often do you vote for a poll? Well, the answer to this is quite often. It is the basic human nature that we love to share our viewpoint on a topic that interests us. Consider including polls while framing the social media marketing strategy for Twitter.

You might have seen business running Twitter polls and surveys to know about their user’s opinion. When you run a poll, you are bound to get queries and suggestions. Answer them ASAP and respect the feedback you get from the users. These polls help boost your online visibility.

Talk about latest happenings:

Let your business be the one which talks about latest happening and not just products and services that your business offers. Your users would prefer your profile over others to stay updated on the latest trends and happenings. Following your industry leaders, will broaden your knowledge base and will let you share the latest updates with your users.

Video clips:

Video clips are gaining momentum on Twitter, unlike any other type of post! The videos are complete in itself, to make a layman understand the crux of the topic.

Videos are one of the best ways to put the message across clearly to your users. If you run a search of #augmentedreality or #AI, all you see are videos. The number of times they were shared and retweeted is enough proof that it draws maximum engagement on a profile. Creating a video clip is bound to attract huge visitors instantly, so invest in it.

Twitter has a huge scope for any business that helps you gain more prospective customers. So, what is the Twitter strategy for your business? Hope we were able to enlighten you on some business tips for Twitter. If we missed on anything, let us know in the comments below!

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