7 Ways to Make Blog Marketing More Effective!

7 Ways to Make Blog Marketing More Effective!

October 17, 2017


Want to make your blog more effective? Start by refining your blog marketing skills!

Blog marketing might sound simple but there is more to it than you may think. Writing about a topic that aligns with your audience’s interest and provides them with certain useful tips and figures that enhances their knowledge base is essential. One must be updated about the trending topics that actually are gaining many followers.

Follow these blogging tips to increase the effectiveness of your blog:

Motive behind writing a blog:

When initiating a blog, you must be well aware of the reason behind writing a blog. The blog marketing world is ever blooming, with so many bloggers who are eventually evolving this industry. So you need to identify what you are bringing to the table that is new and worth reading.


Your content should be rich in quality and authentic. Also make sure that your content gives your readers the exact reason or motive of your writing a blog on the topic. Don’t beat around the bush! Be precise and clear as to what knowledge you are providing your customers with. Write the content based on facts and figures.


Keep the tone of the blog convincing and informative. Write with authority, but for that you need to do a thorough research on the topic that you are going to write about. Make sure your sources are credible. Avoid a harsh opinion or tone. It’s possible that a reader has an opinion that is different from yours.

The blog layout:

A blog comprises of the blog title, the content within, an effective and influential CTA, and of course, quality graphics. Keep your focus on framing an eye catching blog title. It is important that you realize that a blog title plays an important role to make a blog look more effective and attractive. Raise the curiosity or interest factor in your readers by asking them questions like “Are you following these 5 rules for your business” or “5 Norms Big brands are following to thrive online” or “5 things big brands are avoiding at any cost!”

Don’t write about a topic that is completely new to them, otherwise they won’t be interested in exploring it further. It is about anticipating your reader's interests, the way they think and what all interests them.

Add effective, convincing, and powerful call to actions, link them to your landing pages where you want to steer all the traffic.


A blog without a graphic would not be presentable!

Graphics give the readers a gist of the whole blog content in the form of images. According to statistics, a reader or a human brain remembers an image more than a written piece of content. Using high quality graphics in your blog will help your readers stay engaged with the blog and make the content more relatable.

SEO perspective:

SEO or search engine optimization lets your blog page be more easily visible to the niche audience whom you are trying to target. This is possible with the help of keywords; one needs to be well versed with keyword insertion techniques and know about which keywords should be added. One can focus on adding niche specific keywords and also generic keywords. You can try using tools that give you a better insight into the search volumes of the keyword.

Distributing blogs:

A well written blog has maximum probability of ranking higher on search!

Distributing a blog on social media platforms that are meant for blog promotions is required. One must be well aware of the social media platforms and social bookmarking websites which is a favorite spot for bloggers. Start by sharing your blogs on these platforms.

Devise a strategy to market and promote your blogs in a way that it reaches the targeted audience. Know about the social media platforms where you can promote your blogs well!

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