7 Ways to Stay Productive On the Go

7 Ways to Stay Productive On the Go

April 2, 2021

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If you are a business owner who constantly travels, you may have to have to find time for productive work in between flights and long road trips. Given that you spend most of your time waiting in line or riding a cab, there's a lot you can do during these brief yet valuable moments. Even when you're on the move, there's always time to do hands-on work and maintain control of your business while you are away:

1. Bring a "work-on-the-go" kit

If you are traveling overseas to meet with a business partner, you can make the most of your time being productive during a long flight, so long as you bring the right tools along for the journey. You’ll need a travel kit that consists of the devices and tools you need for remote work. You won't need much for the journey. Apart from a fully charged compact laptop, you also need to bring along a travel notebook, some pens, and a tablet. With these tools, you will always be ready for anything, including emergency meetings.

2. Go hands-free

Do you need to make phone calls constantly? If so, it's important to bring a Bluetooth earpiece along with you. Unlike wired earphones, this device allows you to talk to customers, employees, and business partners without having to hold your phone. This gives you added convenience, especially if you have to move fast.

3. Organize your tasks

If you need to go somewhere but you still have much to do, you can list down any pending tasks in a journal or notebook. This helps you get back to them during your downtimes on the road. If you are not fond of the traditional methods of jotting down schedules using a pen and paper, consider downloading note-taking apps. Look for apps along the lines of Evernote that let you create checklists, set reminders for specific tasks, and save articles and emails offline.

4. Keep your gadgets in good condition

Mobile devices like your smartphone and iPad are important tools for working on the go, but there may be instances when these devices fail you. Lagging, poor battery performance, and even malware attacks can slow you down, so it’s important to make sure you have all your devices in good condition.

Consider scanning your devices for viruses and install data security apps if you intend to use public Wi-Fi. You also need to learn how to fix common problems such as when your iPad starts freezing. In this case, you can use the iPad hard reset function. This may wipe away existing data in your device, so be sure to bring along a portable external drive in case you need to back up important files.

5. Make use of cloud storage

If you find portable drives bulky, you can always save the files you need using cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, and Amazon Drive. With these platforms, you won’t have to carry around a flash drive or a portable drive with you. All you have to do is log in and retrieve the documents you need through your permanent virtual storage on the cloud. The downside to this is that you need to connect to the internet in order to access your files. Unless you are traveling to a location where connectivity is guaranteed, you are better off bringing along an external drive.

6. Use the right mobile apps

In case you are expecting to sign any forms, draft a case study, or prepare a presentation at the last minute, there are mobile apps to help you with all of that while you are out traveling. You can use apps like DocuSign and HelloSign for e-signing contracts and other documents. When it comes to preparing reports and other written materials, use apps like Google Docs or Jotterpad. For visual presentations including slideshows and infographics, Canva has a mobile version you can use to create professional materials within minutes.

7. Stay healthy and alert

At the end of the day, you still need to guard your health throughout your journey. You wouldn’t accomplish anything if you are drowsy or haven't been eating much. As much as you want to accomplish a lot during your travels, nothing can replace a good night’s sleep, proper hydration, and ample nutrition.

Being both a traveler and a business owner, it’s possible to bring your work along for the ride. You just need to know the essentials of setting up a mobile office so you are always ready for action regardless of where you are in the world.

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