8 Best Viral Marketing Practices to save you Time & Money!

8 Best Viral Marketing Practices to save you Time & Money!

September 21, 2017

In today’s scenario, social media marketing is the need of the hour for every business. Hence it is important that you know the advantages of social media marketing and how it effects a business. The effects of viral marketing on a business are not easily explainable.

So here is a look at the significant tactics of viral marketing. The widespread audience most often associates to a “viral” piece of content. It is thus important to analyze and strategize a way to do viral marketing for your business using social media marketing.

Check out these methods to make your brand go viral through marketing:

The guerilla tactics:

Guerilla tactics are marketing strategies that are very low investment but are able to grab the attention of the people that count. There are so many guerrilla tactics in combination with social media that are free, easy to implement and accumulate huge results. You just need to create a story worth talking about and yield maximum results.

Sharing trendy topics:

If we know the most popular topics, we can precisely focus on those topics. Buzzsumo is one such platform which gives you accurate idea about the topics that are trending in social media. Use ideas that are trendy, recent and fresh in the minds of the readers. Users will relate to a campaign that is in line with the trending news. To initiate viral marketing for your business, start with writing on a trending topic.

Using social bookmarking websites:

Promote your content on social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Inbound, Stumble Upon etc. Sharing a piece of information on these bookmarking sites helps boost traffic to your website. If the information shared is worthy enough, readers will rate or vote for your content. Once you start gaining votes, your content remains at the top for some time, attracting maximum traffic and making your brand popular.

Google analytics:

A detailed understanding of Google analytics will help your business go a long way in the sphere of viral marketing. This gives you a brief idea about all the traffic that is generated through all the social media marketing platforms and social bookmarking sites. Adding a simple UTM code after the URL helps you track the traffic. One can know which demographic your users belong to and which URLs the users are checking the most.

Brand awareness:

You will have to devise an effective brand promotion strategy to increase your brand popularity on social media. Creating brand awareness through social media marketing platforms like Instagram, Facebook and social bookmarking sites like Reddit serves as a fine showcasing platform for your products and services. Disseminate the Unique Selling Proposition through various tactics influencing people to talk about the brand and the product. One can always build a community around a product before even launching the product. This gives your product a huge boost and encourages users to share their feedback.

Boost interaction:

Whenever people get engaged to something, it definitely makes their experience more memorable. Interaction increases the likelihood of the content becoming viral when it’s discussed with others. Whatever you may think of, it should appeal to your target audience in the similar manner that turns your campaign into a massive success with millions of people hitting the site.

Be a helpful source of information:

Be a resource of information where you can actually guide someone by lending helpful advice. The articles you share must be relevant in sharing knowledge and useful information. Sharing videos that are informative and are relevant help boost your online visibility on the social media marketing platforms. Such marketing videos are creative advertisements.

Sense of urgency:

Use the technique of urgency, scarcity or a deadline. Have enticing titles on your posts or blogs that act as a call to action for your users to click on. For example, “5 ways to save your money while blogging’ or ‘Make your brand go viral in a week’ etc. create a sense of urgency in the minds of the readers luring them into reading your article. But, make sure your posts give good advice, otherwise your readers are unlikely to return!

Viral marketing ideas in social media should really be considered as they can bring great results.  Explore social media marketing and use it to make your brand popular in the digital world. You just need to seed relevant ideas and disseminate your message, sell your product, and let it go viral!

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