8 Twitter Tricks you Should be Using for your Business!

8 Twitter Tricks you Should be Using for your Business!

October 4, 2017

Twitter possesses its own set of distinct advantages for brands and businesses that you can’t ignore. It is the greatest platform to increase brand awareness and which business wouldn’t want that? To make effective use of this global platform, follow these simple Twitter tricks for more engagement and to increase Twitter followers.

Tweet more to get more followers:

Brands, people or journalists who post a good number of short and crisp tweets in a short time span and tweet regularly get an increase in Twitter followers by more than 50%. The more you tweet, the more followers you are likely to get. So to increase your tweet visibility, you must schedule your tweets using a scheduling tool.

Use hashtags to increase engagement by 100%:

According to research, tweets that include hashtags get engagement increased by 100% as compared to the ones without hashtags. Hashtags relevant to your business must always be embedded in the tweets as it increases your tweet visibility. Using hashtags increases search by 100% as the tweets get searched directly by hashtags.

Tweet with media:

If you are just tweeting texts and links, then you are not doing it completely right. Twitter is a multi-media network; to make the best use of it, you must include images, videos or even Slideshare presentations in your tweets to increase engagement. Tweets embedded with such media get 3 to 4 times more engagement than simple text tweets.

Retweet with @mentions to improve followers’ growth:  Share the tweets of influencers and use @mentions so they are informed instantly. “Share with @mention” is the twitter trick that can get you more followers if you religiously abide by it.

Pinned tweet:

A pinned tweet is a tweet on your Twitter page that is ‘pinned’ to the top of your feed, in order to always make it appear first. When someone is retweeting or liking your tweet, it gives you a preference to pin any tweet. Pinning a tweet is a popular tactic used by big brands who have thousands of followers. Ideally, a pinned tweet should be some link to your business.
Pinning a tweet increases engagement and gradually makes your brand more visible online.

Twitter bio:

Remember to always keep your social media profile updated on any social media platform. Check and update your Twitter bio. Make sure to add all the relevant information on your profile on Twitter.


Content is always the main focus, but infographics have a better impact on your readers as they are more engaging and grasp a user’s attention instantly. To keep your social media profile one of the favorites of your Twitter followers, it is important that you tweet powerful and informative content with infographics.

Using twitter lists:

Twitter provides Twitter lists which guide you on all the groups you have been added to as a group member. Find out the importance of Twitter lists to a business.

Best times to tweet:

The key/formula behind increasing Twitter followers for your business lies in the visibility of your tweets. Pick a suitable time when your audience is online. For a lot of businesses, the best times to tweet are 12PM, 3PM, 5-6PM. User engagement increases on Wednesdays and weekends.

What about your business? What’s your strategy of using Twitter? Are you aware of Twitter tricks that are effective enough to get you more Twitter Engagement? Reach us to know more such tips and tricks!


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