All About Virtual Reality

All About Virtual Reality

May 14, 2018

According to statistics, the worldwide user base of AR and VR games is expected to grow to 216 million users and will be worth 11.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

Virtual reality is a buzzword in this era! With its high demand in the market, it is definitely going to shape the future of tomorrow. The reality is that in near future the virtual and physical realities will have been merged together. And with each passing day, there are new inventions in this vertical.

With the ever-evolving trends in technology, we are seeing a sudden shift in marketing techniques and methods. And this is why tech giants are trying hard to improve these development frameworks and implement them in their mechanism.

However, not every business is able to implement these technologies in the desired manner. Seeing the hype in the market and its potential, it is a hot topic! To stay updated on the trends in technology is the need of the hour.

However, there is still a misconception between artificial reality and virtual reality. The two are almost based on the same principles except for a few differences.

What is virtual reality technology?

Virtual Reality: A word that is buzzing everywhere, a technology that is booming in the current era! How well do you know about it?

Virtual Reality is a believable world created using technology. This world gives you the impression that you are in a different place, surrounding or time; even though in real time you are exactly where you are. This helps you interact with things that are not real. For example, you could be sitting in your office right now, but with the help of virtual reality, you could feel like you’re sitting on top of a mountain, possibly eating a sandwich. Being a universal technology, it can be applied to any type of domain of activity.

In literal terms your real-time situation changes, making you feel like you’re somewhere else, doing something else.

Difference between augmented & virtual reality

Apart from the fact that the two are very similar and popular, there is still a major difference between the two. In Augmented reality, one can add digital effects to a live view using a smartphone camera. One of the most popular examples of this is the game Pokemon Go. The Google glass is another great example of augmented reality.

On the other hand, in virtual reality the real-time situation changes altogether, the situation exists in the virtual world only.

Advantages of virtual reality

The presence of virtual reality is felt in almost every domain. Be it the IT industry, retail industry or the healthcare industry. An excellent example of the usage of virtual reality in the healthcare industry is the human system which enables doctors and medical professionals to interact with others.

It creates a realistic world for users to experience such experiences which are not possible in the real world. This gives an ample opportunity to the scientists to experiment with an artificial environment. This is also beneficial for students to experience something that is not possible in the real world.

Disadvantages of virtual reality

As it is a software with a pre-planned inbuilt program, asking questions, queries and then receiving answers is quite difficult here.

However, like other technologies, virtual reality also has some disadvantages associated with it. The movement in the real world is limited. There is no denying the fact that it is quite expensive, so without a doubt, it is not for everybody to purchase and enjoy.

Equipment for virtual reality

Have you ever thought of a virtual world that seems real? There is special equipment that gives you a virtual reality experience. Like a head-mounted display, that resembles a helmet and consists of two small screens, a blackout blindfold to completely block any other light. An example of this is a low-cost pair of Goggles developed by Google that are even affordable with built-in glasses that convert an ordinary smartphone into an Head-mounted display (HMD).

One of the virtual reality facts that we should know is that the first VR headset came out in the 1960s, was called as “Telesphere Mask”.

Applications of virtual reality

Virtual reality is usually referred to as a dreamy escape from reality because it is not altering the reality, rather it is altogether changing the core foundation. Virtual reality has a prominence for data scientists, which helps them research on topics.  

Gaming is one such domain, which is based on virtual reality. Architecture and designing of buildings are in desperate need of this technology, wherein you just need the virtual headset and you could literally see how a building look would after being designed.

Another example of virtual reality is Facebook’s Oculus, which makes anything look possible.

It is now evident how quickly this technology is growing and how does virtual reality work. If we missed out any points, do let us know in the comment section below!

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