All You Need to Know About Visual Content Marketing

All You Need to Know About Visual Content Marketing

May 22, 2019

Like any other form of marketing, visual content marketing is on the rise. Visual content marketing is not only about amazing pictures in blog posts or colorful infographics but there is a lot more to it. It’s a powerful content marketing tool that incites the human mind to deliver information and tell the brand story in a more compelling way.

What is Visual Content Marketing?

Visual content marketing means marketing with pictures. It is done using images, videos, infographics and memes to deliver valuable and relevant information in an engaging visual format. This method also integrates seamlessly with strategies like SMM panel for business visibility, enhancing reach and engagement across social media platforms.

In contrast to the written content, visual content has a higher impact on a human’s mind. According to PR Daily, blogs/articles with visuals get 94% more total views than those without any visuals. The reason being that visuals appeal more to a human’s eye and encourage people to visit your website, know your brand better and buy your product/service.

Some common visual content marketing examples include Pinterest, Instagram, Grammarly cards and Neil Patel’s visual guides.

How Visual Content Marketing can benefit your Business?

With the increasing use of social media sites, visual content marketing is becoming more and more popular. Digital marketers and business owners are making use of this strategy profoundly for their visual campaigns. If you are an entrepreneur or digital marketer and haven’t applied this strategy yet, you must consider doing it now.

Here are 4 main benefits of visual content marketing that your business can reap.

Brand Recognition

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people learn through visuals. They comprehend better with images, videos, and other visuals than with written words.

If you want to raise brand awareness among your target audience then incorporate visual content marketing strategy in your business plans. This is where the significance of visual consistency plays a role in increasing your brand recognition. Check your company’s website and landing pages and update them with compelling graphics, icons, photos, videos and other visuals every month. Also, make use of infographics and banner images in your blogs to attract readers.

Increases Website Traffic

In the past, you might have implemented numerous digital marketing techniques and tactics to generate website traffic. But was visual content marketing one of them? If no, then it’s time that you do.

Visual content gives a unique touch to your website and grabs the reader’s attention. Besides playing with words to show the value of your products and services, make use of visuals as well or you can use both to have a greater impact on your audience.

You can also invest in video production. It costs a lot but a quality video can generate a lot of traffic. 

Customer Engagement

Visual content is more engaging and powerful than written content. Adding pictures and graphics to the written content make your marketing campaigns more interesting.

Instagram and Facebook are two such examples. The ever-increasing popularity of these social sites is because of videos and images. It has been observed that Facebook post with images had 2.3 times more engagement than those without images!

Increases Conversion Rates

Eventually, implementing a successful visual content marketing strategy can generate leads and increase sales. It has been reported that the brand’s video influences 81% of viewers to buy a product or service and 95% of people get to know about a product by simply watching a video. Thus, many companies are beginning to realize the importance of visual content marketing strategy to increase conversion rates, especially when added to landing pages.

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