Best 10 WordPress Review Plugins to Increase Engagement (2021)

Best 10 WordPress Review Plugins to Increase Engagement (2021)

February 22, 2021

When you own an online business, then having customer reviews on your website is the most important thing that you must have. It is because no one prefers to buy something online if they don’t find relevant reviews about the product or services that they are looking for online. Also, customer feedback is important for you to improve the user experience and also to attract new customers. 

If you don’t have WordPress Review Plugin on your WP site, then you are badly missing the user engagement. Yes, for customer engagement, it is important to have the Review plugin installed on your website. Through the review plugin, your customers can rate and review the products or services availed from you. It also helps in boosting sales and SEO game too. 

Choosing the best reviewing platform is the most important thing for you to catch the customer’s attraction. Especially, in India where people are still afraid to buy products online. WordPress Review Plugins is important for your seedling online enterprise. Whether you own a business of books, clothes, electronic gadgets, or food, the best review plugin for WordPress provides you with the best reviewing system templates. Let’s discuss the top 10 WordPress Review Plugin to increase engagement.

WP Review

WP Review is one of the popular and the best review plugin for WordPress that you can use. It has unbeatable features that will benefit you in increasing user engagement. With 19 types of Rich Snippets, 16 predefined designs, multiple rating systems, user comment rating, and review, WP Review is compatible with any WordPress theme. Designed by MyThemeShop, this review plugin sometimes comes with a discounted price that you need to check on the official website. If you are already using this plugin, then you don’t need to install any other review plugin as this plugin is already loaded with lots of advanced and amazing features for your WordPress website. 

WP Review PRO

It is one of the best review plugin for a WordPress website one could ever use to get a push to their business. One of the most important features of it is, it provides a total of 14 rich snippets with different templates for your easily extracted reviews. Though the plugin is paid with a minimal amount but provides you with a lot more perks. This plugin includes every reviewing system like star labeling, thumbs up feature, commenting, and many more.

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Review

This review plugin is free with no premium or pro version. It provides the user with all essential features like commenting and tar labeling. Apart from this, it also provides you with an exceptionally unique feature of uploading the picture of the product/service in the review. This feature makes this plugin a user friendly that help the customer to give the best possible review. This way, YITH helps in boosting sales and user engagement. 


It is also one of the best review plugin for WordPress but can be used after paying only. At a very minimal amount of 29$, you can get a lifetime membership. It also comes with all the reviewing system with more than 500 fonts and templates. The main feature of this plugin is that it offers all the powerful tools at minimum cost that helps you in ranking your website. Also, it provides the user with colorful and designable fonts with a review page, which makes your page more beautiful and attractive.


It is also an exceptionally well review plugin. It is usually free of cost but for some features, one has to pay 12$. It also allows you to add a comparison table for the customer to compare different types of similar products. This comes with a variety of ready-made themes that can be used in the review. The reviewer offers 2 types of rating systems i.e. stars and bars. It has the ability to moderate and add badges, and also to restrict access to users and data.

WP customer review

It is also one of the famous reviewing plugins. This comes with an additional feature of telling the search engine that whether your product contains the review or not which helps the customer to buy with better reachability. This plugin is also free of cost and you don’t have to pay anything to use this on your website. You can consider it as the best review plugin for WordPress as this is an open-source project and all the money that goes to the developer is given in donation. 

Ultimate book blogger

This review plugin is best for booksellers. It helps the users to get the review of their respective books based on price and delivery services. You can also add the recommendation system on your website through this plugin which recommends the user the similar author’s books from your store. It helps in increasing the engagement of the user at your online store. It makes the users stay longer on your website and hence increasing the engagement.

Starfish Review Plugins

This also comes in top review plugins for all types of businesses. The special thing which this plugin provides to the customers, as well as the entrepreneurs, is better reachability through the social media platform. The plugin is paid and a little bit costly too. One has to pay a total of 48$ approx. for a lifetime membership.

Site Reviews

The best thing about Site Reviews is better visibility with all the ways to review a product. The customer can review in different ways like thumbs up; star rating, commenting, and many more. So, if you are looking for a clean and formatted review plugin one can go ahead with this. It is the best review plugin for WordPress that can be used by anyone easily. When you install this review plugin on your website, the reviews are shown in default order that you can change later.

Google Reviews Widget

This reviews plugin is completely different from other top plugins. This reviewing plugin provides the customer with all the prior business as well as other customers' reviews so that even the customer can get an insight about your product. This plugin is free of cost but for unlocking some special feature one has to pay 85$.

That’s all we have for you today! Hopefully, we helped you in finding a better answer for your WordPress site to increase engagement. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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