Best AI and Machine Learning Content Marketing Tools to Get Desired Outcomes

Best AI and Machine Learning Content Marketing Tools to Get Desired Outcomes

Deep Moteria
July 9, 2021

The world is getting digitally transformed, and almost all the sectors are taking advantage of it. The evolution of digital technologies and the internet has been fruitful to humankind. The technology concepts like Artificial intelligence and Machine learning have made impossible things possible. This technology is creating wonders, and in the near future, it will get more evolved and give the best solutions that will make people's lives easier. 

ECommerce has increased a lot and gained massive popularity these days. Business models like Amazon, Uber, Alibaba, etc., are well-known e-commerce running all over the world. The concept of running a business online got so popular that even small businesses are parting their ways from the offline market and focusing on the online world. Thus, the market is getting competitive, and for great outcomes, content marketing becomes very important for your digital marketing campaign.

Content marketing has various advantages for eCommerce and businesses running via the internet. It boosts brand awareness, ensures higher conversions, educates people about your services, strengthens online presence, etc. 

These aspects are critical for the success of your online business. Many entrepreneurs have started an online business with the help of a white label uber app clone or other such apps cloned with eCommerce giants like Amazon. Still, if it doesn't have robust and optimized content, then all their valiant efforts will be ruined. White label solutions which is also one of the hottest app development trends will not guarantee success, but the other aspects like content marketing efforts are equally essential for making your business successful.

Content Marketing Tools For Better Outcomes

Different content marketing tools can boost your content marketing campaign and make your effort easier and accurate. These are AI and ML-based tools that will help you derive maximum results from your content marketing campaign. 

1. Hubspot

Generating a great content idea is very important and one of the first steps to consider for a content marketing campaign. Hubspot is an essential tool that uses ML to generate ideas depending on your target audience and for validating the content that strikes people's minds. 

  • Content validation is the great advantage
  • Hubspot have near about 114k users all over the world
  • Hubspot is mainly used for inbound marketing and increasing sales

Idea generation is a critical task, and Hubspot will help you create content ideas by analyzing industry trends and customers' mindsets. The content ideas are also based on the competition, and that means it can be helpful in a competitive market and can derive good results. 

2. BrightEdge

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the critical aspect of content writing and marketing. BrightEdge is one such content marketing tool that will help integrate SEO guidelines as well as be very critical in quantifying content performance. It also helps in content optimization, knowing user search intent, etc., using AI and ML and gives an excellent opportunity to marketers to elevate their content marketing campaign and derive the best outcomes in the form of traffic and awareness for your online business. 

3. Grammarly

Editing and crafting the content with high precision and grammar is very important for scaling the content to audiences. Grammarly is one of the popular tools that content marketers should use for making the content proper and ready to publish. 

  • Its AI metrics help in finding inaccurate grammar and give suggestions accordingly. 
  • It also helps in finding out plagiarism to ensure the uniqueness of your content. 

Grammarly is a valuable content marketing tool that saves you from crafting inaccurate content in the online world, which may result in low conversion and doesn't give desired outcomes. 

4. Marketmuse

Marketmuse is an excellent content marketing tool that is used to plan your content marketing strategies and accurately use the keywords. Keyword planning is the essential thing behind the success of a content marketing campaign. 

  • Better use of keywords
  • Proper AI-recommended guide
  • SEO recommendations are critical

The integration of AI and ML helps discover the topics to cover by analyzing the entire content and helps in developing your content that is ready to hit the internet world. It is the tool that will make your content marketing effortless and, at the same time, gives better output. 

5. Frase

Outline creation is one of the essential things to plan your content writing and marketing. A well-prepared outline will allow you to write perfect content to attract target audiences and ensure quality writing. Frase is one of the platforms that help in preparing the outline by analyzing different sites and topics related to yours.

  • Achieving high-quality writing
  • Quantifying contents with accurate statistics
  • More power to intelligence in content crafting

The other important function that Frase offers is the AI-oriented chatbot, which solves the user's queries by analyzing your content and giving your article's best answers. The features that Frase offers are very valuable for content marketing strategies and its success. 

6. is the platform that will make your content marketing campaign rise and shine and derive effective results. A strong online presence is something that every marketer and a business person wants, and that content marketing is the best method. is another great platform that will be helpful in your content marketing. 

  • Boost awareness with valuable content
  • Great user engagement through creative content crafting
  • Great web presence

Ensuring content that adds value to users is very important and a platform like gives essential features to deliver content that is true to the target audiences. The web content on your online platform will also be excellent and will ensure good user engagement. Thus, meaningful content creation using will greatly impact your content marketing strategies to obtain desired results. 

AI and Ml have been revolutionizing technology concepts that have a wide range of applications in different sectors. Its use in digital marketing and content marketing has been critical and effective for promoting your mobile app and site by making things effortless and efficient.

Ending Note

Content marketing is one of the vital practices in digital marketing campaigns. It helps in various aspects to elevate the online business scope by spreading brand messages and information in the form of articles in the web world. 

AI and ML-based content marketing has been beneficial to content marketers and online businesses like eCommerce. These are the tools that will minimize your content marketing efforts and maximize your desired outcomes through content marketing. 

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Deep Moteria
Deep is an aspiring entrepreneur and Co-founder of Elluminati Inc. Deep having led 75+ startups on the right path with their information-admiring entrepreneurial skill and guidelines. Along with that he loves to craft content on topics including on-demand economy, entrepreneurship, technology trends and many more.

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