Best Cost Effective Ways For Website Maintenance

Best Cost Effective Ways For Website Maintenance

September 28, 2021

Maintaining a healthy and active website is necessary for its smooth functioning and this is why website maintenance becomes essential. In this highly competitive tech-driven world, people expect the best user experience. Hence, developing your website is not sufficient, you have to keep a regular check on its maintenance as well.

Although website maintenance can cost you a fortune, website maintenance packages vary depending on the size of your business and the services you are opting for. This blog will help you to maintain your website in a cost-effective way. But before that let’s find out where the actual spending occurs. 

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Basic Web Maintenance Costs

Before thinking of cutting down the pricing, you need to understand where you really spend while maintaining your website. Below is a list of website maintenance services

Domain Name

A domain name serves as the address to your website. You need to invest a monthly amount to keep your domain name, otherwise, someone else could buy it and you will have to find a new one. It generally costs around $1-$2. 

Web Hosting

People can not access your website if you don’t have a hosting platform. Web hosting ensures that your website provides good services to the people. It can cost you $2-$835 per month. 

Website Updates

To keep your website up and running, it is necessary to update your website in regular intervals of time. This also helps in maintaining trust among people and enhances the overall feel of your website. Fixing broken links, error pages, updating relevant content, and changing broken images are some of the tasks at hand for the general upkeep of your website. 

The pricing may vary according to your website needs but it can cost you approximately $15 to $105 per month. 

Technical Maintenance

If you are a large business and your website caters to the needs of many customers each day, it is essential to include a technical support system in your maintenance plan. Tech support takes care of server errors and other important aspects related to the functionality of a website. Businesses invest $1500 to $3000 per month to ensure the technical maintenance of their website. 

If you own a personal blog or small eCommerce store, it would be easier for you to cut down prices for now. But large businesses have a lot on their plate. High investments are necessary for the smooth functioning of websites. But you can still save a considerable amount with the right strategy. Here is a critical list to help you reduce web maintenance costs

Best Cost-Effective Ways For Website Maintenance

1. Make A List Of Monthly Expenses

Remember when you cut down your monthly expenditures to avoid colossal bills?

Think similarly in terms of your website. Make a list of its maintenance costs. If you find certain expenses which can be avoided, remove them from the list. You can always add them again when you feel you can afford some extra expenses. 

2. Change Your Web Hosting Platform

If you feel your web hosting costs are a bit too much you should consider switching the host. You will find many web hosting platforms depending on their services and costs. To find the right web host delivering services you require at a low cost, you’ll have to conduct research. 

Once you’ve found the web hosting service that suits your needs, you can switch. If your domain name is registered to a third party, then it will remain unaffected. Download the database backups of your website so that you can hand them to the new host. Transferring your website’s data can be a time taking process but it can save you a fortune in the long run.  

3. Prioritize Pages For Maintenance

A cost-effective way of maintaining your website would be to set your priorities right. Analyze the pages of your website and rank them according to their performances. Now that you know which pages have minimum conversion rates, you can prioritize them for fixing, as they need it the most. For the time being, you can skip the pages that are performing well.

4. Employ Tools

You will find tools at reasonable prices for web maintenance. But this has to be a responsible and judicious decision. If you are sure that you can manage with tools instead of people then you’ll save a lot. 


Web maintenance is essential for your business whether it is small or large, but it doesn’t have to be very costly. Hopefully, this blog would’ve helped you to find cost-effective ways to maintain the health of your website.

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