Best Essay Writing Apps For Students And Academics

Best Essay Writing Apps For Students And Academics

Adrian Lomezzo
March 2, 2023

Writing an essay can be a complicated, lengthy process that takes up hours of your time. Fortunately, technology has changed the way students and academics approach their written work. Nowadays, various apps are available to make task easier. From helping you brainstorm ideas for your paper to providing instant feedback on grammar, this article will explain the top apps and what makes them so helpful.

1. Google Docs

First on the list is Google Docs. This app is a great way to store your documents in the cloud and collaborate with peers on projects. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly access templates for different essay types and write in markdown format. Plus, you can easily share your work with others or export it into PDF form for printing or submission. 

2. Quetext

Quetext is quickly becoming one of the leading essay-writing apps on the market due to its powerful yet simple cloud-based platform. This app allows users to convert any text they input into an easily readable and well-organized format that can be used for research.

Additionally, Quetext has a number of innovative features, such as its AI-powered plagiarism checker, which scans documents in seconds to detect any suspicious content. This makes it ideal for students and academics who must ensure their work is original and accurate. Furthermore, it is incredibly user-friendly and streamlined, resulting in faster document creation with less hassle.

All things considered, it is easy to see why Quetext has become so popular among students and academics alike – it is simply one of the most efficient essay writing apps out there!

3. is one of the best essay-writing apps for students and academics. It provides an innovative set of tools that makes essay writing more manageable than ever before. It offers advanced features such as a built-in AI assistant and editing tools that help users construct their written work quickly. 

Additionally, it provides a great suite of collaboration tools, allowing multiple authors to contribute to and edit a single piece of work. Its intuitive user interface also makes it simple for anyone, from novice writers to professionals, to quickly understand how to utilize its many powerful functions. These factors make it an ideal tool for students and academics looking for a trusted essay-writing app that can help them create engaging, effective essays in a fraction of the time usually required.

4. PaperRater

PaperRater is one of the best essay writing apps for students and academics due to its wide range of features. Not only does it provide a detailed and accurate analysis of an essay, but it also offers users suggested topics, style edits, grammar and spelling checks, and more. Its plethora of features makes PaperRater incredibly easy to use without compromising on quality: With this app's help, you can enjoy clear and concise writing that saves valuable time too. 

It even has a built-in plagiarism tool, ensuring that any paper written using PaperRater contains original content only! Whether you are a student studying for their next big essay or an academic submitting their research paper, PaperRater can be an indispensable asset in helping you produce the best-written work possible.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is an invaluable resource for any student or academic, as it provides exceptional support in the writing process. It automatically detects and corrects harmful spelling and grammatical errors while suggesting synonyms to make the writer's work more concise and clear. 

Additionally, Grammarly can detect issues with plagiarism in written material, alerting the writer when parts of their work resemble something already published. This makes it particularly useful for students who want to ensure that all sources are appropriately cited and protected from issues with intellectual property violations. 

Finally, Grammarly has various tools to help writers sharpen their style and ensure that every essay is well-written and engaging for readers. For these reasons, Grammarly is one of the best apps for any student or academic seeking to produce excellent essays.


Writing a perfect essay can be arduous for even the most experienced writers. Thankfully, the apps mentioned are here to help! By providing a range of tools to help you with proofreading, grammar, and plagiarism detection, these apps can make sure that your essays are always up to standard. Using one or more of these apps will give you the confidence to submit the best possible essay every time.

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