Best Practices in Using Promotional Items to Promote Your Brand

Best Practices in Using Promotional Items to Promote Your Brand

May 21, 2021

Giving promotional products is a time-tested marketing strategy. It allows a business to gain brand exposure and recognition in the industry. But over the years, many have grown tired of this advertising technique. The problem is that many companies no longer take the time to choose promotional items wisely. When done right, promotional items can produce a positive marketing impact for your business. So, what is the best way to leverage this method?

Promotional merchandise options: office supplies, clothing, etc.

There’s no limit to what you can choose from. If you want something that doesn’t go out of style, office supplies are always a good choice. Pens, notebooks, stationaries, and writing pads are some examples. The good thing is, you can buy these in bulk and get discounted prices from your supplier. But if you like trendy items, then you can pay attention to what’s popular in your business sector. 

Recently, promotional items have geared towards eco-friendly items such as reusable bags and water bottles. These are great choices because they make a good impact and also help improve company image. Of course, you also need to consider how an item relates to your brand. You can’t be giving away promotional items that have no connection to your business.

Should you put a logo?

The general assumption is that promotional goods should have the company’s logo. However, marketing experts advise that this isn’t always necessary. What you can do instead is to personalise these items, especially if they are intended for a loyal customer. For example, you can make the client’s name more prominent and put the company’s logo in a less noticeable area. This way, the receiver is more likely to use the item, which makes the promotion more effective. 

Best practice when giving away clothing or similar items

Wearable items such as hats and shirts are some of the most popular promotional goods used today. But, if you plan to put your company logo, try to be more creative. How about putting a slogan that relates to your brand instead of a big logo stamped in front? This will encourage your customer to wear the item and not feel self-conscious about wearing a promotional item. 

Choose items with a long shelf life

Longevity is an important consideration when choosing promotional items. You’ll want something that the customer can use for a long time. For example, you can give away pen holders instead of pens. But, there’s also an exception to this rule. There are times when items with a shorter shelf life make more sense. During holidays, for instance, it’s better to give away food as promotional goods. What’s appropriate for the season is more memorable and impactful. 

Give your customers a choice

It’s good to have a variety of promotional items so that your customers can choose. This is a good strategy when producing promotional goods in bulk. When the customer can select the item, there’s a higher chance they will use it. This will help reduce waste and give more value to the items you’re giving away because the receiver chose them. 

Promotional items are here to stay and making the right choice will impact your business positively

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