Best UX Practices for Affiliate Sites

Best UX Practices for Affiliate Sites

June 24, 2021

To achieve a successful user experience, there are a few fundamental principles to keep in mind throughout the UX design process. It is also important to say that different projects have different needs and requirements in which these principles cannot always be applied. Understanding the importance of these guidelines can help you decide which methodology will be included in your next project.

 Interaction with the computer used to be one-way. The Internet has changed all that. Social interaction in the virtual world is now a key feature. Everything from how the visitor behaves while viewing the site, how and from whom they buy things is social interaction. With this in mind, the UX designer will create relevant design elements and connect the user experience with the design. When designing a page, it is important to keep in mind the target audience that will visit the site. Because different age groups have different levels of interest, so you need to make sure that your users, in addition to finding your website, intend to view it as well. A good selection of graphics and other visual aids and images that you can use on your website can also help you here.

Every professional UX designer knows that the goal is to create a dialogue with potential and current customers;a great example of this is Askgamblers site, within this dialogue, we can discover more about their needs and have a real insight into creating more efficient solutions to learn about their needs and meet them.

Modern digital space has made it much easier to create products and content, which requires design solutions that will accelerate at that pace. As UX designers, you must constantly assess whether the solution you have created solves user problems.

The less is more

Sometimes less is more. Clarity is more important than quantity. Maintaining a simple solution as a top priority can help avoid overcomplex and inefficient solutions.  Accessibility should be your number one priority. Simplify it and make it easier to access your website. Limit the text size, and be sure to turn on the search box so that users can more easily find what they are looking for.

Ensure that your website is consistent, make sure that everything matches the size of the title, the choice of fonts, design elements, colors, and photos, so that everything is consistent. All of which should be connected so that the design between the pages is also attached. All of which will provide the user with a beautiful experience while navigating your website. Too many changes from one page to another can make the user feel lost.

Blank space makes your content more  readable and allows the user to focus on the text elements. Empty space makes your website look open, modern, and fresh.

Although it looks tempting in terms of revenue, we advise you to avoid ads. Too many ads on your page can only drive users away. Instead, we recommend SEO optimization, which will result in more traffic to your website and a greater likelihood that users will click on affiliate links.

When creating an affiliate site, take into account the pop-ups. Although they seem attractive and useful, they are not everyone's favorite thing. So many users will find it complex and difficult to navigate the site.


Today's mobile phones have become our everyday companion, so most searches are done via mobile phones. That's why your website needs to be mobile-friendly. Technology has advanced to meet our needs, so websites are also an essential part of that development. In addition to mobile devices, it is necessary that the website can be accessed from any device.


When we talk about affiliate links, you don't have to put them only on one page and only in one place so that you can have a hyperlink in the text. Placing links in multiple places gives a greater chance that the user will click on them. It is also good to place affiliate links on the front page.

Quick response

There is nothing worse than the feeling that there is no choice. If the user feels like there are no options, frustration will arise. By understanding user needs for control and flexibility in specific tasks, you can successfully develop a positive user experience.

Another very important thing is the speed of the website's response because if the page does not load in 4 seconds or less, people will most likely leave your website. Slow-loading websites look unprofessional, and you don't want that for your website. To prevent this from happening, your site should be optimized in the best possible way. Also, make sure all your links and other elements work and respond quickly so visitors can easily get to what they are looking for.

Many activities, such as research and design, have their origins in proven psychological facts. Your user's understanding is not only demographic but also includes psychological information. UX designers need to know what user actions are, their motivations, and their cognitive preferences. In addition, you need to understand the impact and effect of your design solutions on your customers and the design of the overall user experience.

The experience you create is more than just selling products. With a holistic approach, it is necessary to take into account the entire user journey. This includes any interaction that the user may have with the company and its brand. Thinking about the whole user travel process will give you a better insight into which points along the way you can improve to get your customers involved.

Experiences can change over time, results and critical insights are rarely revealed all at once. Users may not always have a good experience with changes in your design or new features. Ensuring that every step and transition is smooth can significantly improve the user experience.  A successful user experience will guide the user to the desired destination, keep him engaged and informed throughout the process, and help him achieve all his goals with minimal effort.

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