Branding Identity Tips Beyond Aesthetics

Branding Identity Tips Beyond Aesthetics

November 12, 2020

Marketing starts with branding one way or another. Branding is not just how you present your business but, more importantly, how people see your business as well. A strong brand identity could give you an edge in today’s competitive market—it makes your brand recognizable in a sea of other brands. 

If you have been reading a lot about it, you must already know that branding is dominated by your visual style—including color scheme and logo—followed by the tone of your copy. However, branding is also about giving your customers a reason to trust you. Here is how we at Organic Aromas have built our brand on trust:

1 – Project A Personable Brand Identity

Customers nowadays are smart, so they can see through the canned façade of seemingly perfect brands. They prefer businesses that are authentic and they can relate with. You do not need to follow every new viral trend. Simply be relatable and approachable to your customers, and you will find yourself with a loyal following soon enough.

The Organic Aromas website and blog is consistent with our brand identity. Employing the top marketing strategies, we only writes about topics that readers would be interested in and enjoy. We make no attempts to be funny despite the popularity of memes nowadays. Our brand stays true to our soft and clean image without resorting to cheap tricks to go viral.

2 – Connect And Show You Care

Think of branding as similar to introducing yourself to someone you want to befriend. You can’t encourage someone to be friends with you by boasting your accomplishments. You do that by finding common interests then showing them that you care. Similarly, you can encourage potential customers to do business with you through topics related to your business and which ones they may be interested in. 

Afterward, show them that you are not just another corporation with an army of virtual assistants. But how do you accomplish that? There are numerous creative ways to give back to your community—host giveaways, provide discounts, and offer freebies. Be your customers’ advocates. Find out what they need, and do your best to give it to them.

3 – Make Quality Your Brand

No amount of brand identity and marketing can alter whatever reputation your products gain from your customers. Before investing in marketing (which is not to say you should skip it), focus on refining and perfecting your products. Organic Aromas spent years developing the Nebulizing Diffuser that revolutionized aromatherapy. The Company also conducts oil testing to ensure the quality and safety of all essential oils products.

Once customers realize that they can trust your company to produce high-quality products, you will develop a brand identity associated with excellent quality. Wit that, your brand identity can simply revolve around your qualities that customers value.

4 – Share Your Story

Organic Aromas has found that sharing our authentic story is the most effective strategy for building brand identity. In doing so, we were able to convey the very essence of our company—what drove us to start, why we exist, and why our products matter. But that is not merely for marketing purposes. In a lot of ways, having our narrative known to our community of customers serves as our compass. It guides the company toward its goals without losing sight of its core principles.

Storytelling is a tried-and-true way to capture and build loyalty. It is not just brands who do this; politicians and educators do too. After all, people love listening to and reading stories. Stories make it easier to remember a fact, and they let you establish an emotional connection with your customers. 

5 – Know Your Why

We can research endlessly about the branding strategies employed by the most successful companies, but there will never be a guarantee that they will work for your brand. The shortcut, so to speak, when it comes to branding is standing out, not blending in. 

You stand out not by trying to one-up another company in their branding identity but by developing your own. As cliché as it may sound, you have to be yourself. What is your business all about? What is the point of your business? Those are two of the things you should establish before you can build a strong brand identity. 

For us at Organic Aromas, it was clear from the beginning that we wanted to improve the experience of aromatherapy. Upon discovering that heat alters the chemical composition of essential oils and water dilutes their fragrance, the team set out to find a more efficient way to diffuse essential oils. Our why will always be to take aromatherapy to the next level for the benefit of our customers.

Beyond Aesthetics

Your visual style is vital to the branding identity of your company, but you need to back it up with substance, a personality. Organic Aromas’ identity has a highly recognizable visual style. But customers know us better as the brand that revolutionized aromatherapy and cares for its community of customers.

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