Building and Sustaining Aesthetics for your Brand on Instagram

Building and Sustaining Aesthetics for your Brand on Instagram

Kristen Smith
April 6, 2020

Growing a brand or business’s following on Instagram could be relatively easy and smooth for larger firms that have a mass consumer base. For starters, you need dedication, meticulous planning, and an aesthetically appealing IG account, especially if you’ve a clothing line.

You must tailor your brand’ aesthetic to fit your target audience. There are three simple ways.

  • One of the simplest ways to build a unified and strong aesthetic for your brand is to stick to a color scheme. It could be primaries, pastels, or nudes. Your content is immaterial in this context. A good color scheme will make your feed look more integral and connected.
  • Fashion brands can make a color association or theme for their followers, considering that it’s colors that you’ve to play with in the long run.
  • Editing your photos with the same filter is important. Keep editing and make the most out of advanced editing software.
  • If you don’t want to devote yourself to one color palette, you can always play around with contrasts, warmth, shadows, and brightness to render the same vibe to your pictures.
  • Choose some quality default editing keys/settings to bolster your job. Good lighting is imperative.
  • Thinking in Threes is another easy way. Use IG’s grid layout to its brim. Post similar material in segments of three to optimize your brand’s cohesion.

It means you can go by color or theme. Regardless of the theme, this is a unique tool to attract your audience. While breaking up and scattering photos into three different groups looks awesome on your profile, it can also be overwhelming for your followers.

Repetition can be an excellent marketing pathway, but be vigilant to never cross the line and spam your audience.

Your brand identity

Nowhere is this context more pivotal than with fashion brands. There are so many genres and circuits, and you need to affirm your exact brand identity and type of fashion. A great chunk of your aesthetic will stem from this identity. Your clothing range must exude your brand tone and personality, values, adventurous nature, and playfulness, if any.

  • If your wardrobe essentials are bold and daring, your brand must reflect that too. Posting random content creates confusion and disconnect. It doesn’t take much time for your followers for Instagram to hit the unfollow button.
  • You can see how fashion illustrators like Taco Bell and Megan Hess understands and incorporates the brand tonality into their IG feed.
  • It’s crucial to weave a story with picture you display on your post. A compelling story will connect with your customers.
  • You tie a narrative with your brand identity for creating an emotional connection your followers need, providing meaning and merit to your content, and ensuring that it’s relatable.
  • Your story plays an essential part in building brand loyalty from your audience. IG is a great platform for telling stories to bolster your fashion account.

It’s very important to plan ahead. Most well-organized IG aesthetics entail perfect planning and order. Some accounts plan content on a chronological order, like monthly, quarterly, or seasonal timelines.

Other brands plan in terms of latest trends and content. For example, you might post consistently about a specific product or trend, or build a plethora of posts in each row.

The thematic thrust

Choosing a theme for your Instagram fashion aesthetic is very crucial. It involves a niche or subject matter, and it can entail patterns and composition. It’ll help you in identifying your niche, identify relevant and trending hashtags, connect with target/niche audience, and build a strong following.

  • If you’re passionate about fashion and want to show it to your followers, you need to keep pace with the latest trends.
  • Also, if you’re posting vintage style or classics, or trying to revive that genre of fashion, make sure you use the right hashtags for it.
  • Choosing your brand colors comes next. Most brands stick to specific colors for representation.
  • Creating a style guide is especially important for fashionistas because you need to maintain a constant aesthetic. Those accounts have a style guide or brand brief, containing aesthetics, content types, filters, and colors they use.
  • It ensures that everyone in the fold can get a reference on the rules they must follow when making a post.

The impact of editing

It doesn’t take any special certification to understand the power of editing in this context. The most cohesive and consistent Instagram aesthetics have a superb editing style. Professional fashion brands don’t flip-flop between moody and dark images, and bright and light content.

It looks as if you created it in the same light and on the same day. The best way to ensure consistency for your IG aesthetic is by editing your pictures with presets.

  • Presets are default settings or premade-inbuilt filters. You can apply them to your pictures through Adobe Lightroom, an exceptional editing software.
  • You will no longer need to fiddle around, trying to recount exactly how much contrast you usually add to your pictures.
  • Presets indeed do all the work for you. They make sure you don’t spend hours to edit pictures.

You have tools like Recess that can make a boring product look stunning and enchanting. It applies their brand voice to content in a sensible way. With a proper color palette of light tangerines, rosie pinks, and lavenders, the tool shares creative photo shoots, illustrations and text posts.

In a nutshell

As a fashion brand, it’s also crucial to draw inspiration from others. You need to explore other profiles, other influencers and other marketing campaigns. Check how your favorite accounts execute their feed. Check how they are cropping or framing their shots. Check the amount of editing that goes in each photo. Also, check the strength of their filters.

White borders play a pivotal role in defining and bolstering your aesthetics. A white space or line between rows of Insta feed can highlight your feed, helping it to pop. It also beautifies individual pictures.

You can resize the aspect ratio of your pictures to 2:3 or 4:3 and place them on a white background.

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.

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