Comparing Broadband Deals In The UK - Is It Worth It?

Comparing Broadband Deals In The UK - Is It Worth It?

Guest Post
June 17, 2020

We all rely heavily on the internet. Streaming videos, binging on Netflix, surfing the internet, and downloading content have become a daily norm. Having an internet connection that offers fast download speeds and reliable service at an affordable price is what we all want but few seem to have.

For most UK households the broadband conflict is a real thing. The fight over who gets to use the internet is something that no one should go through in this modern-day and age. But with increased usage and more and more users, the traditional up to 10 Mbps download speed internet broadband packages no longer fit the bill.

In recent times, the demand for faster download speeds has increased rapidly. The average person spends the most time of their day on the internet either on their phone or on their laptop. And with increased usage comes the need for better speed - but at what price?

In order to compare broadband by speed or price, you need to understand a few basic things first about broadband packages.

1. Broadband Download Limit

Some providers may offer very high download speeds but have a cap in terms of how much you can actually download (say 100 Gb a month). However, most UK broadband providers offer packages with unlimited download limits so that one can stream or download to their heart’s content.

However, if your internet usage is light and you are able to track your usage you can look for packages with download limits as they tend to be a lot more affordable as long as you stay within the limit.

2. Contract Length

It is highly recommended to always seek broadband providers that offer short contracts rather than longer terms. The flexibility of short contracts allows you to take advantage of different offers from different providers as switching is easy meaning that you can enjoy better cost savings time and time again.

However, longer contracts can sometimes offer very enticing sign up bonuses so it is always best to weigh both the pros and cons before choosing a provider.

3. Type Of Broadband Connection

Knowing what type of broadband connection you need to fulfil your internet requirement is important as it helps you narrow down your options. There are essentially three types of broadband connections available in the UK. 

Fibre optic is the go-to broadband connection for households in the UK as it offers ample download speed (exceeding 24 Mbps) and can be used by multiple users at a time without impacting speed.

An ADSL broadband connection is the most affordable broadband connection you can get. With speeds of up to 10 Mbps, this type of connection is only suitable for light usage and meant for single households and mainly University students.

Ultrafast broadband is offered in some parts of the UK and comes at a much higher premium as download speeds can exceed 300 Mbps. This type of broadband connection is generally used for commercial purposes as it can handle hundreds of users and heavy internet usage all the time.

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