Consider These Content Curation Tips!

Consider These Content Curation Tips!

January 12, 2018

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “content is the king”, however, to create content that does the magic, you need to focus on the quality and originality of the content. What is content curation? It is different from content marketing; curating content is a process of collecting content from various sources. You may publish it on your social media channels, but it does not belong to you simply because it is not produced by you. Many businesses are already using certain tools to curate content. Content does not refer only to articles and blogs, but also to images, videos, graphics, infographics and any other kind of information that floats around.

If you analyze the statistics closely, you shall know that the internet is flooded with millions of articles on a daily basis. However, not all content is equally liked by all users. So to frame content that is consumed easily by the users and has maximum engagement, it must be unique and must offer original and useful information and knowledge. For effective content curation, you must identify a credible and relevant source of information from where you can derive this content.

Online marketers that thrive on curate content are on a constant lookout for best practices of content curation. Content writers are also regularly searching the Internet for new tips and techniques for creating highly engaging content. It is important to keep some key points in mind while curating content.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind while curating content:

Create content with a purpose

Curating content on any topic without the desired motive is almost as good as not curating content at all!

Content curators who jump into action before even laying out the objectives are likely to find it difficult to gather high quality, unique content. If you are curating content, you must have a purpose and an end goal. Are you trying to increase awareness about a certain issue? You must know the prime reason and motive behind curating content in order to successfully convey your message and accomplish your end goal. Therefore, lay down your goals, purpose and objectives, and goals before you head out to curate content!

Be specific

As much as content curation gives you a wide range of topics to work on, you must be specific in your curation. If you’re looking for content specifically on water poverty, try not drifting off towards air pollution! While you may want to make your users aware of various topics and facts, don’t forget to be specific about a particular topic at one point in time. Covering various topics at once will confuse your readers and land you nowhere.

It is therefore important that you are able to project your message clearly so that users are able to receive the message in exactly the same way you wanted them to perceive.

Avoid duplicate content

If some of the articles you posted were a super hit, you might even think of republishing that content over again with some changes made. While this might seem perfectly alright to do, you must know that no matter how brilliant your content is, republishing it will not create the same magic.

A good way to embrace successful content is to create similar content. Now that you have proof of concept from a certain type of post, you can trust similar posts to perform equally well.

Write on niche topics

For your content to become popular, it must belong to a niche category. Talking about a content that is not niche specific, tends to attract users from various demographic and this may not sit well with your marketing strategy. As we have experienced in the past, it’s best to have a niche market and audience that consumer content belonging to a particular category. When you want to target niche specific audience, it is important that you talk about the topics in particular that will be more relatable to the niche audience.

Support content by facts and figures

Any type of content is more credible when facts, figures and statistics are added to it. If you want to gain the trust of your readers, provide information that is factual and based on research. Your content must highlight a specific issue and thus must enlighten the user with supporting facts and figures. Not only does this add credibility to your content but it also adds knowledge to your readers.

Stay connected with influencers

Marketers now are exploring all the ways of using social media influencer to add value to their business/brand. It is important to stay connected to influencers belonging to your niche, to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and hence stay ahead of the competition. 

Staying connected with influencers will also give you great ideas on content curation for your own pages or ventures besides keeping you updated with latest trends.

Give credit to authors

Last but not the least, give credit to the creators of content you have curated. One of the most important elements in content curation is to take permission to use and give credits to the author or creator of content that you use. This is important because if not followed, it could lead to serious copyright issues. Giving credit to authors also increases the authority and credibility of the content you curate.

More than anything, it’s basic courtesy to give credit to somebody if you are going to be using their content.

To conclude, content curation sounds easy but it can be tricky! To keep ahead in the competition of businesses and being able to post original high quality content, stay updated about the latest content curation tips!

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