Convert Leads at Higher Roi with Content Marketing

Convert Leads at Higher Roi with Content Marketing

April 1, 2020

Creative content attracts a lot of visitors out of which some convert into customers. You want to push the conversion rate higher, but you’re not sure of the process. 

Don’t worry. We got you covered. 

Investing in content marketing is a safe bet. A report by HubSpot informs that in 2020, more than 70% of the marketers are actively investing in content marketing. They aren’t spending because it’s a trend, but because of the ROI. According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. 

Here are 5 strategies on how to do content marketing to convert leads at higher ROI

1. Identify Content Brings More Engagement

Creating engaging content is on everyone’s checklist. But don’t be misled from statistics that rank them. The type of content that you’ll develop will depend entirely on your business. A detailed study by Venngage reported that 40% of the marketers focussed on original graphics (infographics) for achieving their goals in 2019.  

Understand each and every thread attached to your product. Follow that with a detailed study of your target audience. When you learn about your audience, you’ll know the type of content they visit frequently and from what source –– computer, mobile, or tablet. Then, you create original content and establish a connection with the visitor. When they get what they seek, they convert out of satisfaction. 

If videos do the trick, prioritize uploading more videos. If your potential customers are typical readers, publish blogs, and draft ebooks for engagement and conversion. Repurpose your content to gather more leads from a lesser effort.

2. Nurture Your Leads with Drip Email Campaigns

Engaging content leaves the visitor wanting for more. They provide you with their Email ID and subscribe to your portal to get more quality content. Now, your next set of actions holds immense importance for lead conversion. 

Formulate an automated Email drip email marketing campaign with a pre-written set of messages to keep your leads engaged and informed. Companies have seen a 20 percent increase in sales after using drip Email campaigns to nurture leads, as stated by Emailmonday. 

You can start with a basic welcome Email. Follow it up with another comprising exclusive detail of your product. Offer discounts and other related perks to increase the chances of conversion. A referral campaign is another smart hack where you secure a new lead with the former’s conversion.  

3. Create Epic Blog Content with Effective CTAs

Announce your product in front of the audience with authority by publishing blogs that have a “wow” factor. According to HubSpot , marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. 

Write blogs that are informative and engaging. Powerful blog content, coupled with an effective CTA has the capacity to convert leads at a very attractive ROI. Formulate a content marketing strategy that channels your product effectively through blogs.

Apart from written content, including visuals and images into the content increases the retention rate. A research by 99firms informs that blogs with images get 94% more views. This is essential because you want maximum visitors to actually reach your CTA. When you create engaging blog content, you automatically take care of visitor retention. 

4. Make Product Explainer Videos

Videos have grown into a strong and convenient marketing tool. For many media networks, now becoming video-friendly and enabling people to post videos, a video explainer is a great way of making a splash for a new product. For the same reason, HubSpot’s statistical study also ranks video as the number one form of media used in content marketing.

Many companies and businesses use videos to advertise their product, educate their audiences and feature new products or services. Videos are the undisputed future of content marketing, albeit the content continues to shine. Create engaging video content and subtly promote your product for getting those conversions.

Engagement through videos is an uphill task. You don’t want to come out too loud with your product, neither do you want to be passive about it. But one way or the other, videos do the trick for businesses most of the time. This is largely because of their average retention rate, which is over 50% as per Vidyard’s research

5. Use Lead Trackers and Improvise Your Content 

You’re always thinking of ways to make marketing efforts more productive and efficient. For which, you can introduce lead tracker applications and software into the marketing ecosystem. Then you have a measure of content marketing metrics and using this data, future plans can be modified to put forth the best content marketing campaign.

These applications are also used for lead monitoring and can also accelerate your sales efficiency, simplify your workflow, and remove the need for spreadsheets. Tools like Zoho, QuickBase, and Apptivo are all capable software that can streamline the traffic on different channels to give useful insights. 

After a thorough analysis, you have a list of action items. You now know what’s working and what needs to be modified. Here, improvising the content is a smart way of chopping down the investment and mint returns by making some slick edits.

Bring new aspects to your content post evaluation. Users always seek fresh content, and you can amuse them by including something as basic as story-telling in your content to achieve that.

Repurpose your content to get an SEO boost and thereby reach new audiences. Through repurposing, you can also redeem your less successful content. 

To Conclude

The advantages of content marketing are impactful because of an attractive ROI. In the end, no matter how many leads you generate, it’s the conversion that matters. For that, you can start with research on the genre of content that brings better engagement. Make sure to nurture your leads via Email campaign and keep hooked to your evergreen blogs.  

Don’t forget to make product explainer videos for better customer understanding and finally bring in lead trackers to your content ecosystem. Gather data from these tools to improvise your content and start converting maximum leads into customers. 

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