Creative Branding Tactics To Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Creative Branding Tactics To Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

April 21, 2020


Wish to have a lasting impact on your target audience?

Sadly, just creating an exceptional product is not enough for it. Instead, you must stand out through creative branding tactics.

Why does it matter?

Well, according to Forbes, consistent branding efforts can help boost revenue by over 23 percent. Similarly, the use of the right color can lead to an improvement in brand recognition by 80 percent.

Branding guarantees that your business stands out from the crowd and is remembered. It leads to brand awareness and recognition, which then allows consumers to associate all your marketing communications with one another.


Here are creative branding tactics that can help boost your business.

Have a story and promote it across platforms

Brands aren’t built in a day. Every known brand people follow today has created their brand story and promise over the years.

For instance, Nike began with being just another store that sold shoes. Now, it provides an experience that evokes the athlete in us all. The journey from being a product to experience was drafted by their logo, color scheme, vision, communications, and overall narrative.

To stand out from the crowd, you must offer them a unique brand story. Before you begin designing your logo and tagline, think about what you want your business to stand for. Remember, never deliver functional benefits.

Instead, always strive for a bigger purpose. This will help you build your narrative. Once you know your narrative, begin creating your logo, web design, theme, tagline, and marketing communications around it.

Make sure to be consistent across all platforms. You must reflect the same brand story using the same design tools. This makes sure that people are able to connect the pieces together.

Create the right tone and personality

According to Contently, over 61 percent of consumers prefer unique brand content. But, before you begin drafting the said content, you must first take your time to truly know your target audience.

A campaign that might have worked for one age group doesn’t work for another. Let’s say you own an online leather jacket store. Your target audience is young adults who prefer following the trend. You create content that is formal and features archaic language.

Do you think you will succeed in impressing your target audience?


You must use the right brand tone, consistently, across platforms.


To build your brand tone and voice, it is essential to first understand your target audience—research their consumer behavior, purchase intent, demographics, and concerns. Then tailor your message to serve as a solution to their worries.

When creating your brand voice, try to be:

  • Crisp and focused on the core message
  • Specific to the consumer’s need

Additionally, try to be as transparent with your brand communications as you can. According to a survey conducted by Label Insight, 94 percent of customers prefer shopping from brands that offered complete transparency.

Value-added marketing helps

As per Pam Moore, it takes approximately seven impressions before people remember your brand. How you create these impressions also matter. Just bombarding your target audience with the name of the business will not seal the deal. After all, there are so many brands competing for a share of mind already.

Instead, Effective branding calls for building a meaningful relationship with your customers. And this is where value-added marketing helps.

Value-added marketing focuses on the value delivered by a brand rather than a product. For example, in the case of an iPhone, Apple doesn’t just deliver phones; it offers a chance to be part of an exclusive Apple community. And this is what sells.

For your brand, focus on creating personalized and informative content that revolves around the value your products provide. Begin by identifying a problem that exists. The goal here is to make your target audience realize the problem as well. You can do so via writing blog posts or making teaser campaigns.

Once you establish the need, offer help in solving the problem. To appear reliable, always back up the solution with credible research. Once you have built trust with your audience, you can present your business or product as being one of the ways to solve the issue.

Leverage Philanthropy in your brand mission

Every brand has a mission and vision. What might appear like a few lines to some, are actually the deeper purpose that businesses seemingly strive for. In today’s environmentally conscious world, you will be surprised just how much customers care about aligning their vision with the brands they consume.

As per Customer Thermometer, 13 percent of customers don’t mind paying up to 50 percent premium on a product if they believe that the brand is making a positive impact on the environment. People now shun businesses that have a high carbon footprint, labor exploitation, or animal cruelty claims against them.


At such a landscape, a creative branding tactic is to link your brand to a deeper purpose. You can do so by building charitable partnerships and giving back to society. In the case of Lyft, the company has a Round Up & Donate feature that helps people in contributing to those in need. The brand’s mission to “bring communities together” parallels these efforts.

So, create a mission that provides greater good to the people and watch as you stand out for the right reasons.

Ending Remarks

All in all, standing out from the crowd is easy if you manage to build a unique brand. At the end of the day, people seek authenticity and personalization. If you provide them with the two through transparency, a unique and relevant brand story, and a greater purpose, you are likely to stand out.

While you are at it, don’t forget the conventional branding efforts. Create an impactful logo, choose the right theme, and have a crisp tagline. Have a strong foundation for these creative brand tactics to hold on to.

Implement these tactics and let us know how you fared!

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