Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

November 13, 2017

In today’s fast-paced digital domain, with each passing day, new technology is added to the marketing world. To stay ahead in the game of digital marketing, one needs to be well updated about the latest trends in the digital world.

Here are some key points that differentiate traditional marketing from digital marketing:

Digital marketing

  1. Can reach out to millions of customers in no time, even to those customers who are miles away 

  2. Availability; you can be available to your customers 24/7, even during the non-working hours.

  3. Your content and your website can go viral online, via various social media platforms and result in exponential impressions.

  4. Auditing is possible and you can measure and track the campaigns at any time; Google analytics makes it possible to measure how well a campaign has performed online.

  5. Scheduling is possible on various social media platforms, so that you can post even during non-working hours which will help keep the followers engaged on your website.

  6. With the help of certain online tools present you can actually target your niche audience. In general, you can reach out to the whole world or choose your audience whom you want to reach out to. 

  7. Interaction and user engagement is necessary for your business to become popular in the online marketing world. You can assign user interaction and communication to someone just like a customer service representative. 

  8. To have an excellent social media presence, it is important that your website is updated and is well optimized; the website reflects your online business.

  9. It is cost efficient, where the amount invested is not much as compared to traditional marketing. 

  10. Followers play an important role in social media marketing; you can have a community of your own followers wherein the followers endorse your brand themselves. 

Traditional marketing

  1. A business can target customers belonging to a precise and narrow area.

  2. Availability for followers (present for some specific time); available only during the working hours as nothing is online where you can be connected by technology. 

  3. By the traditional methods of marketing, you cannot expect instant results as it takes time to even reach out to customers. 

  4. Auditing is possible, but not in a way where you can actually measure and monitor precise campaigns/results. 

  5. Scheduling any advertisement for the future is never possible following the traditional marketing methods. 

  6. Here you can reach out to an audience, although you cannot typically target niche specific audience, who might be need of your business services. 

  7. In the traditional marketing methods you can talk via the advertisements on print media or via door to door marketing. 

  8. Your business values and services are reflected by the advertisements on print media.

  9. Investment is high as you need to spread out the word about your business using print media. Also it is not as effective. 

  10. Here the space where you can talk about your brand is limited, and confined where as in digital marketing you can practically reach out to a customer sitting miles away. 

In today’s digital space, to have an influential social media presence is a must have for any business. Hence, be well versed with certain marketing tips & improve your social media presence in the online marketing world.

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