Discover the Basics of Influencer Marketing!

Discover the Basics of Influencer Marketing!

October 31, 2017

Influencer marketing should be your pick if you want to see quick growth in your business online and social media presence online. Social media influencers can help shape your business and attract visitors to your website! Besides generating a huge amount of traffic to your channels, influencers also add credibility to your business or brand.

Be it the traditional or modern methods of digital marketing, somewhere or the other we have been using influential people to help spread the word about our business or specific marketing campaign.

Businesses that have a social media presence have now realized the importance of influencer marketing, and are trying to use influencer marketing to its full potential to grow their business online.

Although influencer marketing plays a big role in spreading awareness about your brand or marketing campaign, the priority still remains good quality content. One needs to pay attention to the quality of content that is being posted on their business website or social media channels. Influencer marketing won’t popularize your business online if your content is not good in quality.

Below are a few tips on how you can get started with influencer marketing:

Understand the aim behind influencer marketing

If you are a business that has a social media presence but wants to boost its presence online, then influencer marketing is for you! For a start-up that is initiating its online presence, influencer marketing can help spread the word about your business to a much broader group of people, popularizing your business amongst potential customers.

Identify the influencers you want

Identify the social media influencers who are aligned with the type of business you have or the type of services that you offer. An influencer should be able to help you grow your business online by conveying your message to their followers. This makes it necessary for you to pick an influencer who can drive relevant traffic to your page. If you want to reach a large number of people, you can pick a famous influencer. At the same time, if you prefer a micro influencer, it will be more effective since micro influencers interact more with their followers.

Plan out a budget

Before finalizing your influencer and influencer marketing plan, you need to be sure about who you think would be an effective social media influencer for your brand. For small businesses who want to try out influencer marketing, they must have an idea about the amount they are looking to invest in the influencer. Alternatively, think about what you can offer to your influencer in exchange for a shout out, mention or post.

Prefer micro influencers

Target micro influencers instead of world-famous influencers. Micro influencers with lesser followers than a famous influencer can be perfect for a small business. Reason being, a micro influencer interacts with his or her audience more than a famous influencer. They also cost lesser than a famous influencer and therefore may be a better choice for small businesses and start-ups.   

Since micro influencers are still on their journey to become famous influencers, they are still discovering success, and are more authentic and actively involved with their audience.

Reach out to influencers directly

With an influencer, you have a personal help at your desk. You could always ask for a second opinion about your content before posting anything to your social media or website pages. You could even ask them to review or edit the content if the need be. Make sure you build a connection with your influencer that is based on the mutual interest of your industry. Chalk out all the details of your agreement beforehand, and don’t forget to check the legitimacy of your influencer’s followers.

Check before and after social media presence

Until and unless you are testing a particular campaign, you don’t know whether the campaign will work for your business or not. Similar is the case for influencer marketing. Find out the improvement in your social media presence after initiating with influencer marketing. See for yourself how effective it has been for your business in increasing sales or generating leads. Track if there has been an increase in your followers, likes, comments or overall engagement.

Mention them in the content

Having an influencer who endorses your brand is an add-on for your online business! Brand visibility increases when you mention an influencer in a post. This is another technique to reach out to the influencer’s followers directly. You could also share their quotes and their posts on your social media profiles to make it visible to a huge mass of readers at once.

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