Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Marketing!

Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Marketing!

September 22, 2017

After years of changing how we behave online and setting foot in the online space, Facebook remains the most popular platform in the social media marketing world! Not only for individuals, but also for big companies, brands and businesses, Facebook has served as a phenomenal tool to boost a business.

Knowing how to go about Facebook marketing for your business can help you achieve short term and long term goals in a short span of time, helping you expand your business.

Social media marketing is a diverse subject to understand. Therefore, before stepping into the world of social media, you must understand social media marketing. With this comes the need of devising a marketing strategy.

To devise a good marketing strategy, ask yourself these questions. What platforms should you use for your business? What platforms are your prospective customers hanging out on? To which demographic does your target audience belong? Answering these will not only give you a clear understanding of where to divert your marketing efforts, but will also help you develop a better, more effective Facebook marketing strategy.

Make sure to make your own unique strategy, do not imitate any other brand’s strategy because a strategy that has worked superb for one brand, might not work the same for your brand. This all depends on the products/services your brand offers and your customer base, who all are your customers and to which demographic do they belong to.

Once you have your Facebook marketing strategy in place, don’t be too eager to see quick results. Posting high quality and relevant content only takes care of half the job. But there is a lot that comes with building up a good name for your brand, and this includes maintaining, engagement and tracking your results to take better decisions in the future.

No doubt Facebook marketing is cost effective, but this process will take you time to build a community of your own with real fans and followers. To speed up the process and build a bigger and bigger community, engage with your users. Facebook as a marketing tool is very effective if used wisely.


  1. Join relevant groups and communities and take the initiative to post and have interactions

  2. Use Facebook tools to make your post visible specifically to your niche audience

  3. Make your business page attractive and informative. Convey your brand identity through your cover and profile pictures 

  4. Frequently ask your users for their feedback, use this information to improve your brand

  5. Your brand posts should be aligned with your brand identity, message, values and promise

  6. Write unique and original content while focusing on quality, not quantity

  7. Make live Facebook videos and events to keep your users engaged and informed

  8. Frequently offer deals, promos and offers to encourage your users to buy your products/services

  9. Post content at optimal times; use Facebook insights to determine what time your users are online


  1. Don’t spam groups with your content, they may get annoyed and never want to try your brand

  2. Don’t over promote your brand, this can backfire on your efforts by coming off as extreme

  3. Don’t forget to fill in complete information in the ‘About Us’ section of your brand’s page, this may make your brand less trustworthy 

  4. Don’t delay a response to user comments or reviews, your users may feel ignored

  5. Don’t share irrelevant or non-informative content just to increase user engagement

  6. Don’t overuse hashtags, limit your post to 2-3 hashtags, to be more visible to niche audience

  7. Don’t promote only your own content, share relevant content written by others too

  8. Don’t react negatively to poor reviews or comments, take the opportunity to apologize and keep your user happy 

  9. Don’t delay reverting to a user’s query with full information; this adds to your brand value

Using Facebook for business will yield great results but it takes time for a new business to become popular. Facebook marketing is not a tedious task, but it does require certain marketing skills.

Are you looking for an extraordinary Facebook marketing strategy for your business? Get in touch with our social media experts to get ahead of your competition!

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