Do you Know how Security is Breached?

Do you Know how Security is Breached?

September 26, 2017

Security is important for any business, their systems as well as their social media accounts in order to protect important information and data. Digital marketing is on a boom, where every individual or business wants to be on social media platforms to create an image of their own in the world of digital marketing. The advantages of being on social media are vast, but it does have disadvantages, online hacking being one. To protect yourself and your business from being subject to a security breach, you must be well aware of the types of security breaches and how to deal with security issues.

There can be many reasons for a glitch in the security of accounts. Breaching of security is possible by various means. It can be done by physically sending viruses via a USB device or a link containing malicious software or virus that gets installed to the system without notifying the user about it. The virus or malware gets all your data and files/information on your database, thus leading to accounts being hacked. Some very well-known companies and organizations have faced security threats at some point of in time. Such accidents could have easily been avoided had their team been more informed about online security threats.

Here are security attacks that pose a threat to a business:

The real hacker

This is the mischievous outsider that will lurk around your account and wait to figure out the perfect means and opportunity to hack in. The insiders will be tricked into clicking on a mail or link that appears to be valid or official, but which eventually allows the hacker to access the credentials. This level of security breach can be taken care of through security tools such as password managers. They allow you benefits such as setting one password to all social accounts, periodically self-generated password and even eliminating password altogether by lending encrypted access through fingerprints and a lot more!

Phishing scams:

These are emails sent over from a network that look like as if they are sent by trustworthy source or a valid and authentic brand. There are certain links that look genuine, sharing resourceful information, but instead these are the links that make you enter the credentials of your account, therefore, giving full access to your accounts.

Denial of service attack:

Commonly called as DOS attack, it means when a third party or a hacker is trying to interrupt your system services by overloading the network. This is possible when they send many links and huge amount of data to overload your system so that it stops functioning and stops the services it provides temporarily. This is the when they take the opportunity to get into your system’s code and breach security. It results in a loss of access to the actual user temporarily.

Identity spoofing:

Computers or networks use IP address of a computer to authenticate and identify a user. In certain cases, an IP address can be falsely assumed, commonly known as identity spoofing. In certain cases, the attacker might make IP packets to make the IP address look as if it originated from a legal or valid source. After gaining a valid access from an IP address one has full access and authority as the actual owner/user of the IP address has.


Also called as Sniffing, a person is constantly monitoring and reviewing your activity over a network. Usually, a data that is passed on via a network is not encrypted always and hence it becomes easy for a hacker to look out and trace data that is sent over a network. The hacker waits for the right moment when you may send data or processed information via the network, thus, making it easy to trace the data packets sent.

Being present and aware in the world of digital marketing is not all, there is more to it. Digital marketing is evolving every day, with millions of new business accounts being added to different social media platforms every day, making it the perfect target for hackers to attack security. 

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