Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

February 26, 2020

Just like art, good website designs always have a scope for improvement. Designers who spend so many hours designing those perfectly tailored web designs invest much more than their time and skills into them. Good website designs have to design keeping the audience in mind and powered by emotion. Not only that every designer needs to have a clear website redesign strategy in place as many changes have to be factored in taking into account the industry trends.

Do businesses really need a Website Redesign Strategy?

This age is marked by change and in the coming decade the design in vogue today will not be long before it is phased out. Among the many factors that will spur this trend, one of the leading ones will be the shifting web browsing preferences of the customers.

Mobile and Desktop Browsing

Mobile browsing has already been talked about a lot alongside an increasing emphasis on the dying of the desktop. While the former does hold substance, the latter has been overstated. Many different surveys have pointed out the fact that a sizable chunk of the population still goes back to the desktop for that perfect web experience. One thing can be deduced, that the website redesigns have to be optimized for mobiles but one cannot put the desktops on the back-burner.

Options Galore

In times like these, the human race is truly blessed. There are so many reasons to substantiate this, but keeping to the context one can say that the internet space is loaded with options. Every day nearly 400 new websites foray into the online expanse and there is nothing to check this trend. Competition is stiff and is rising, so there has to be a constant push of innovation to sustain. Internet audience will not compromise on quality, simply because they do not have to.

Changing Online Usability Trends

One more reason why you will have to work around how to redesign your website are the changing of the online trends and newer design requirements hitting the markets. The primary aim is to enhance the usability in terms of responsiveness, quality of design, and also the load speeds. Remember, it does not only have to be skewed in favor of mobile responsiveness, but desktops are also equally significant and will continue to remain so.


With the influx of technologies like AI, NLP, and other AR or VR, marketing no longer is restricted to blanket approaches. The same even goes for many designs. You have to introduce personalization in various touches you make with your audience and your visitors. That goes a long way to say that you really care and they have been well-thought of. Many cues like your landing pages, emails, texts, and even the sequence of showing preferences can be based on past browsing history. That’s why it is getting popular and important to keep a tab on your loyal customers.

Before we actually dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of how to redesign your website, let us see how important is the usability of website designs.

Many popular pieces of research have highlighted the fact that a good majority of people, as many as 93% do not stay on a website for long due to a display failure while as many as 90% leave a website due to its poor design. Also, an equally good majority are turned off due to the awful loading speed. So, usability has a lot of perspectives and all those have to be seriously dealt with for a weaving a complete user experience.

Here are some telling signs why you need to have a sound website redesign strategy in place:

Outdated Website Design

If you are continually churning out good content and have all the basic ingredients of the marketing mix in place, and yet are not able to strike the magic metrics then how about reworking on your website design. Maybe it is time that you consider reworking on your website design. New and old designs have striking differences that can be easily made out. We are not saying there is something wrong with your website, but it might need general maintenance and a general makeover.

Website Not Responsive

This is now basic to have your website design responsive to the needs of different screen-sizes especially when people have resorted to the mobile way of life to handle different needs. So, if your website does not respond to the spreading needs of customers, there are strong chances that you might lose out on a heavy chunk of your customer base who want to access your website on the go and may abandon it merely for the sake of bad usability. It is important to review your website every quarter and see if it is in line with the latest needs.

Lacking Coherence with your Brand

It is possible that you have been pumping in a lot of money in branding strategies and left your website aside. You may have aligned all your marketing communications, product lines but missed on establishing complete consistency in visual branding. Such incoherence becomes prominent and disturbing. Visual synchrony helps in establishing trust as it tells your brand story perfectly. It has to be strong enough so that by merely looking at one is able to recall your brand. If your website is not in line with the rest of the brand cues, it is time it needs an overhaul.

Sinking Metrics

In this age, when everything is about metrics, you cannot just move forward by not paying heed to them. Every metric has a reason, that when worked on, can lead to immensely different results. If you think there is nothing left to be worked out on, and you have all your departments in place, then it is time you should check if your metrics are hit by your obsolete website design. It has to immediately address.  

Well-chalked out website redesign strategies go a long way, to tell a beautiful story to your audience about your brand vision. Changes can be subtle or major, but a constant upgrade will hugely affect the digital presence of your brand.

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