Effective Email Marketing Tips!

Effective Email Marketing Tips!

June 28, 2017

Email Marketing can help you connect with the right people to achieve your business goals. These days, when most people spend a huge amount of time on screen, the best way to interact with them is through emails. When you use email marketing for promoting your small business, you get a chance to interact with new people, create trust, and establish faith in your brand. The process for effective email marketing is as follows:

Manage an Email Contacts Database

For every email marketing campaign, firstly we need a database of email contacts whom we target as recipients. This database information should be accurate, updated and opted-in. The mailing database should be based on the target audience. Create different sets of data for various segments of your target audience to manage your email marketing list.

Purpose of Email Marketing

To plan an email marketing campaign one should know the purpose of mailing. The purpose of sending the email should align with the goals of the business. If the plan is to promote your brand then the mail content should be focused on that & if the plan is to promote a new service or product then it should describe those. Having a clear vision of what is to be achieved via emails helps in strategizing email marketing effectively.

Determine your Email Message

The subject line is key to the success of your email campaign. No one reads an email if the subject line isn't interesting enough to open the email in the first place. The email content should be something valuable and informative which attracts the target audience. It should be easy to understand, short & concise.

Opportune Time to Send the Emails

For effective email marketing, emails have to be sent at the right time. Even if your email message and subject line are perfect, if you send your email at the wrong time, it goes waste. Figure out at what time sending emails will give the best result or responses. One easy way to do this is to study the target audience’ online behavior and send emails accordingly.

Automatic Follow-up Emails

An automatic follow-up tool is an important requirement for your email campaign. It helps by sending automatic follow-up emails to those contacts that fail to reply to your email for some reason. It increases the chances of responses. One can send these follow-up emails automatically by scheduling them. One can set recurring emails to be sent daily, weekly, monthly, or after a fixed time period.

Analyze your Email Marketing Campaign

After sending out emails, it’s time to figure out the campaign's results. Analyzing these results is as important as the emailing itself. It allows a person to improve his/her performance and subscriber’s engagement. Analyze email open rates, bounce rates, unsubscribes and response emails. Response emails indicate your email campaign success rate.


There are so many benefits of email marketing, the main being a big boost to business if done effectively. It is a targeted, shareable, measurable, and cost-effective method for business marketing. With a strategic plan & goal, proper guidance, and a strong message, a business is sure to benefit from email marketing. 

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