Everything You Need to Know about Online Reputation Management

Everything You Need to Know about Online Reputation Management

Andrew thompson
April 13, 2020


Online reputation management comes with myriads of benefits like trust, increased profitability, fewer risks, enhanced ability and many more. When a business gathers negative customer reviews, then it can damage the online reputation. No worries as your online reputation can be repaired as well. Companies having an excellent online reputation will easily gain the confidence of their customers.

According to several studies, it has been revealed that a happy customer will say three positive things about the brand, but an unhappy customer will say nine negative things. Word of mouth is very impactful and hence negative reviews can bring trouble to any company as it is similar to a wildfire.

Nobody would want their negative reviews to drive potential customers to their competitors. Online reputation management has helped several brands to reach the zenith of success.

Advantages of Online Reputation Management


A business that has an excellent online reputation attracts more customers. Customers trust the judgment made by other consumers who have already opted for the service or product. If a buyer has faith in your company, then it will lead to a long-lasting relationship. According to studies, it has been cited that 80% of the consumers opt for a brand through word of mouth.

Increased profitability

Positive reviews or online feedback have a higher tendency of attracting more businesses or clients. Hence a business needs to have positive, new and relevant reviews on the internet. Every positive review will help in boosting the ratings of a company and contributes towards the overall profit or growth.

Online reputation management can help a business to expand and grow. Every business irrespective of small or big considers earnings to be their prime focus at the end of the day. You can contact Walnut Solutions for online reputation management services.

Online insights

Speculations, rumor, and gossip, have already negatively impacted several businesses. A simple scandal can lead to the downfall of a business or celebrity. If negative information is floating around a particular brand, then it will suffer a considerable loss. We all are technology-driven people. Any news travels faster, particularly the negative ones and our view towards a particular brand depend on that. Online reputation management allows a brand to maintain a positive online presence by trimming out the negative ones.

Conflict resolution

When you are managing the online reputation of the business, then you will be able to respond to the critical feedback or negative reviews quickly. One will be able to respond to the comments made by the consumer as soon as possible. Whenever someone is responding to the negative reviews, it is a type of conflict resolution, and hence it is admired by the consumers.

Expose the positive side

With online reputation management, you can expose the positive side of the brand. It will help in keeping the negative reviews at bay. Most of the potential and current investors will look into your online reputation before sealing the deal. If the investors do not know about the company properly, then they will rely on the available online information about the company. Nobody would want to associate with a brand having a negative reputation. This is where online reputation management shows the best part of your brand.

Increased sales and profit

Nowadays, one can encounter vigorous business competition online. The way a buyer sees a brand will determine the profitability and sales of the brand. One can build a strong online reputation by being popular on social media or by connecting with the customers. A good business reputation will help in making the brand or business stand out. The key to the growth and success of a business is directly proportional to the positive online reputation.

Land on the first page

Google prioritizes businesses or brands that have the best reputation and positive content on the internet. The search result of Google will influence a customer's opinion about a particular brand or business. When a brand lands on the first page of Google search, then it easily gains the loyalty and trust of the customers. According to https://www.forbes.com, 97% of business owners believe that online reputation management is very crucial. Online reputation management will improve search engine ranking and online visibility.

Reduced reputation risk

By continuously monitoring the online reputation, one can reduce the chances of a damaged reputation. It is said that a single negative reputation can invite more rumors and scandals. It is a tricky task to recover the tarnished reputation. Online reputation management will reduce this risk and restore the damaged reputation.

Ways to analyze the online reputation of a brand

To understand the online reputation of a brand, one needs to perform three steps.

Search engine result: One needs to search for the brand on the search engine. Look into the other contents that appear apart from your brand.

Online reviews: Check the reviews of the product, service or company on different review websites.

Response to the customer: Analyze the response that the customers have received after providing the reviews.

One’s approach towards online reputation management

Nowadays, most of the transactions will start with the Google search, and hence the internet is considered to be a powerful researching tool. Whether you are looking for a new place to have dinner or an employer is looking for an eligible employee, any unfavorable information is available on the internet related to them.

An excellent online reputation management company will help you to get more opportunities. If you see that your business contains a negative online status, then you need a service that can help in repairing the cracks in the online image.

Where does the negative information go?

The negative information won't vanish into thin air, but we can certainly minimize its exposure. Online reputation management allows positive achievements to steal the limelight.

Page one of Google search will mostly contain positive information about the brand. The false or harmful information will get shifted into page two of Google search as people rarely seek for information there.


Now you have a clear idea of what online reputation management is and how it impacts the growth of a brand. Online reputation is crucial for a business or brand irrespective of the business size. A positive reputation can bring more profit, while negative ones can tarnish them.

Andrew Thompson is a professional optimization expert and works at a Walnutseo.com firm. He writes articles and blogs for his readers to offer useful tips. he has taken to blogging about great Content marketing practices and sure-shot strategies people can take to climb SERP rankings.

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