Everything you Need to Know About Twitter Lists!

Everything you Need to Know About Twitter Lists!

September 28, 2017

Twitter is a platform extensively used by businesses to create brand awareness as it attracts many followers through tweets. To ascertain the importance of Twitter for business, you must understand the effectiveness of Twitter lists for a business. 

Twitter lists is a tool where you can group Twitter users belonging to a similar category, based on their interests, business objectives etc. There are certain guidelines to follow for twitter lists. You can create your own lists, give them a proper name and set their access settings as private or public. The good thing is that you can add a user to your list even if you are not following that user!

Lists are considered an organized way of monitoring tweets by creating different twitter lists. Your business can garner huge benefits if you monitor well-organized lists.  For example, you may want to create different lists for your existing customers, for your competitors and one for your prospects.

Some points to remember before you make a list for your business:

View a Twitter list:

Along with tweets and retweets, the lists option present on a person’s profile gives us an easy path to add on more niche audience, or add influencers typically belonging to your industry. 

When you start following an influencer, you can view the lists of the influencer, and can view where all the influencer has subscribed to and to what all groups the influencer is added in as a member. This is beneficial when you are targeting a niche specific audience rather than targeting everyone.

Create a Twitter list:

Twitter lists give you easy access to all the different kinds of people you are following and sort them in various lists depending upon their interests or their influence in the online media. So, create a Twitter list to follow!

Log in to your Twitter account, click on the profile picture, and click on Lists. It will tell you all the groups you have subscribed to and all groups you have been added as a member in.

Twitter list of existing customers:

Your existing customers are the ones that follow your brand. By creating a twitter list of existing customers, you can keep a direct track of their queries and feedback thereby facilitating you to offer prompt customer service solutions. Their feedback will help you in delivering better and improved service to your customers. 

Twitter list of your competitors:

By creating a twitter list of your competitors, you can keep track of the kind of content they are tweeting and following which helps you stay updated and ahead of your competitors. Make sure to not imitate your competitor, focus on improving your service. 

Twitter list of your prospects:

How to use Twitter account for business growth through Twitter lists?
Create a Twitter list of those who you think are your prospective clients, you can closely monitor their needs and provide them with the required information; this will help you build relations and ultimately conversions.

Twitter list of influencers:

Interacting with influencers is the formula to make your posts more visible and get more user engagement. When an influencer shares or comments on your posts, all the followers/traffic generated by the influencer is steered to your posts. For influencers also create a Twitter list to follow.

List of people who re-tweet your posts:

The persons who re tweet your posts have either liked your post or have found them informative, hence they already have an inclination for the type of posts you share, so try and interact with them. They can be your future clients. To sort out, make a separate Twitter list for them.

You can subscribe to the lists of your interest and become members of groups or requests sent by any other members. Get organized and start segregating the people you follow into relevant Twitter lists and avail the power of Twitter for business.

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