Factors That Affect Your Site's SEO Ranking

Factors That Affect Your Site's SEO Ranking

April 13, 2022

SEO or search engine optimisation makes your website easier to find for the users. All your hard work in ensuring that your site has the best design and content will go to waste if it remains unknown. Search engine requirements keep changing when determining the SEO ranking of sites. However, various factors are known to affect this. Therefore, you must know how to adopt SEO strategies to help you climb to the top spot in search results.

Time spent on site

Search engines give importance to the user experience. They determine this through the time spent by visitors on your site. If they stay on your page for a longer time, it signals the search engines that they find your content helpful or engaging, thus making them explore more. Make your site easy to navigate, so users will find it efficient to use. If they find it challenging to browse, they might leave the page, increasing its bounce rate and negatively affecting your ranking.


Google and other search engines also look at the security of the website. Secured sites are favoured, especially during these times when identity theft, scams, and `hacking are prevalent online. Sites that start with HTTPS instead of just www are considered more secure, thus getting a better SEO ranking. Get an SSL certificate for your site and keep it up to date to make it more secure. Keep your site protected with the latest antivirus and other safety and security applications to ensure customers' safe browsing.


As mentioned, search engines give importance to the users' needs and experience. Moreover, they are more sophisticated as they have a way to detect if your content is relevant or not to what the users search for. Therefore, you can no longer get away with stuffing your content with keywords. Instead, you must use them correctly with your content and ensure that your information is helpful or relevant to the user's intent. For example, if users search for tips on keeping their home clutter-free, your content should give that answer and not something irrelevant. A reputable SEO agency in Oxford can help ensure the creation of relevant content and improve SEO strategies in general for businesses around Oxfordshire. You can get the help of these experts to increase your SEO rankings.

Site speed

How fast your site loads is another factor that affects your SEO ranking. If it's slow to load, users would not have the patience to wait for it, so they may abandon it and go to your competitors. As mentioned, a high bounce rate negatively affects your site's ranking. Check your site for things that may slow it down, like broken links, heavy animation, or large sizes of videos and images.


Search engines also consider the authority or credibility of the site. Improve your trustworthiness by creating top-quality content, getting positive reviews and mentions, and having more backlinks through guest blog postings.

Use these tips to improve your SEO ranking and make your website more searchable on the web. It will help generate more leads and ultimately increase sales.

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