Facts About Digital Marketing

Facts About Digital Marketing

Kushi Ramchand
July 28, 2021

Digital marketing is also called online marketing and is the process of promoting brands and connecting them with potential customers through the internet and other digital media. While online marketing is a subset of digital marketing, it consists of content delivered via the internet, whereas digital marketing consists of marketing that takes place on an electronic device.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing are often compared. The term digital marketing refers to marketing campaigns that involve digital communications. Similarly, inbound marketing relates to digital marketing. Digital and inbound marketing are easily confused since both use similar tools, such as email and online content. Marketing professionals need to remember that they don't have to choose between these two because both of them work most effectively together. 

10 Most Popular Types of digital marketing :

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : 

It allows the business website to rank higher in Google search results, increasing traffic to the website. SEO marketers will use the words or phrases that customers use to search for information online to create their own content. These strategies illustrate how SEO works in today's world.

1. Content Indexing: Enabling search engines to clearly understand your site content by adding text, images, videos, and audio.

2. Good link structure / Crawling  :  

Your site structure should be crawlable by search engines so they can easily find all of the content. Links, URLs, and sitemap can be formatted so that search engine crawlers can access them more easily with the help of an SEO expert.

3. Keyword targeting or Ranking : 

The proper deployment of your keywords will make your site easier to find through those search terms.  Using the keyword as an example:

 “Solution of Hair fall”  searches for the information related to this keyword that is more precise and relevant and gives you the results. The use of keywords in the headers and a few times within the crawlable content of a page now makes it rank higher in search results.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)  : 

The term paid advertisements and promoted search engine results refers to these types of advertising. It is a short term strategy, meaning that if you stop paying, the ad disappears. Online businesses can use PPC to drive more visitors from search engines. PPC advertising can refer to the advertisements that appear on a search results page or on the right side of a webpage, to advertisements on YouTube videos or to ads that appear inside mobile apps. 

  • Social Media Marketing : 

All activities a business engages in via social media are included here. We're all familiar with social media, but marketers must approach social with an integrated and strategic approach. The goal of this type of marketing extends beyond simply posting and replying to comments. There is a lot more to social media marketing than managing your personal Facebook or Twitter accounts. Thinking creatively, setting goals, and developing a strategy are all necessary. 

  • Mobile Marketing : 

Your target audience can be reached via mobile devices with this type of digital marketing. SMS, social networks, websites, mobile applications, and email are some of the ways that people interact with mobile marketing. Social media apps such as Facebook, entertainment apps such as Netflix, and messaging apps also demand more time than mobile browsers. 

  • Content Marketing : 

Storytelling and information sharing are used in this kind of marketing to increase brand awareness. It includes posts on blogs, digital resources like videos, podcasts, and e-books. The goal of content marketing is to build a long-term, trusting relationship with your customers that can lead to many sales over time, rather than just make a single sale. The goal of this strategy is to build up a library of content that will continue to draw users to the site through search engines. 

  • Marketing Analytics : 

Digital marketing is highly measurable and trackable, so it is an ideal marketing method. Coupons and similar direct mail offers were the only trackable marketing pieces before. The marketing analytics fields today allow a great deal of detailed tracking of user activity, including when a user clicks a link and for how long, and how many emails they open. 

  • Email Marketing : 

Despite the emergence of social media, mobile apps, and other channels, email is still an effective marketing method. Many different analytical measures are available in email marketing, but marketers are always trying to improve two of them:

  • The Open Rate - Percentage of recipients that opened the email
  • Click Through Rate - The percentage of recipients who opened the email and then clicked on the link.
  • Affiliate marketing : 

The program involves working with the outside companies, agencies, or individuals under a commission agreement that rewards them for helping to promote your product. As an example of affiliate marketing, an advertisement running on a podcast or radio show may offer listeners a discount code for use when purchasing the product.

  • Marketing automation : 

The purpose of this is to increase the efficiency and relevance of advertising. Automation in marketing enables brands to stay up-to-date with customer expectations and enable them to collect customer information, design targeted marketing campaigns, and send and post marketing messages at the right times.

  • Influencer Marketing : 

In this type of marketing, the main objective is to reach the target audience. Partnering with celebrities or sites that have similar values is a great way for brands to engage with their audiences. By sending branded content and offers to these influencers, the brand can build its audience.

9 Types of Digital Marketing Tools : 

The marketing tools used by companies to promote and develop their products and services are known as marketing tools. Methods, strategies, and materials are all tools. Marketers use different marketing tools to communicate information about a company, encourage customer interest, and motivate action. The following are some marketing tools:

  • Social media : 

Social media marketing is used as a tool in internet marketing to reach out to customers and create an online relationship with them. Social media marketing is primarily done through blogging, posting, sharing and tweeting. Pins, bookmarks, and comments on social media websites are also popular.  

  • Classified adverts or Classified ads : 

The purpose of these is to generate prospective customers. People can find specific websites or web pages through classified ads. Additionally, they can attract people seeking more information. 

  • Surveys : 

Surveys can be helpful for both creating new products as well as improving and upgrading existing ones. Furthermore, it can be used to compare your products with those of your rivals. The survey can be conducted face-to-face, by telephone, by mail, or online

  • Google analytics : 

When you run an online business or have a company website, this tool will be of great value to you. Seeing how your visitors arrived at your site gives you a good idea of where they are coming from. In addition, it tells you what content is most effective on your site. In order to improve your website traffic, you can use organic CTR (organic click-through rate).

  • Media monitoring tools :  

You are informed of relevant online conversations relating to your company, product or brand when using these tools. brand. Videos, social media websites, blogs, and forums are all scanned with these tools. Monitoring the media helps you discover what is being said about you online, so you can respond and contribute to conversations, thereby increasing awareness about your product, service, or organization.

  • Automation : 

Automation tools are marketing tools that reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. Marketers can save time by saving emails and files to spreadsheets instead of doing them everyday. Google Drive, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter are supported.

  • Hubspot : 

Hubspot has become one of the top online marketing and sales solutions. This helps with blogging, SEO, social media, website, email, analytics and landing pages. The Hubspot marketing software lets you do all the work you need to do in one place without having to go to many places.

  • Trello : 

Managing projects this way allows you to stay in touch with each other. Trello, for example, allows you to share blog posts before you publish them. Using the same platform, you can share everything related to your online marketing strategy. Setting up a board only takes a few minutes. This is a great forum for inviting your entire staff, all of whom can participate without delay.

  • Zoom : 

Zoom is a video conferencing software that brings people together regardless of their geographical location. This is one of the best digital marketing tools for bringing businesses together. Sharing, drawing on the screen, recording meetings, and inviting others to join are all possible in this software. 

Media used in Digital marketing :

Digital marketing generally refers to the advertisement delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social networks, emails, and other mobile apps. There are three types of digital media: earned, owned, and paid media, which help brands reach more people and spread information about their brands. 

Types of Digital Media :

  • Earned : 

Media earned by a company in the online environment is all media earned by the company. A brand's reputation is determined by the opinions of its customers. The acquisition of this company does not require direct investment. Earned media is the most important since it is more organic. This is a long process and a commitment must be made since the result is to create brands that can appear on the first page of google's results. As a result, when it is well ranked, it is easier to be seen by users. 

  • Owned : 

Media that is owned by the company is considered owned media. They are the channels that the brand uses to generate content directly about its products and services. These include blogs, websites, YouTube channels, and social media pages under the name of the company.  

  • Paid : 

Paid media are the most popular among the three. Media that you will pay for to spread information about the product, service or the brand. The purpose of this media is to reach more people, making a large number of people aware of your brand. 

Merits of Digital Marketing :

  • Measures easily.
  • An affordable price.
  • Sharing is easy.
  • Brand development.
  • Targeting with accuracy.
  • Communicating quickly.
  • A greater number of learning opportunities.
  • Information storage will increase.
  • Connectivity among social groups.
  • New fields of innovation.

Demerits of Digital Marketing :

  • Overload of work.
  • Concern regarding privacy.
  • Price transparency and price competition will increase.
  • Technology dependence.
  • Even small businesses can lose profits due to marketing costs.

As the world today is becoming increasingly online, neither the technical changes nor the development changes that are in a wide range can be ignored or underestimated as a role of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing or online marketing allows us to reach the right audience in a short period of time at a reasonable cost. It gives you a quick overview of how your work is done, how much it costs, and how to grow and understand the business and customer better. 

Furthermore, compared to offline marketing, digital marketing offers a greater number of job opportunities. It helps make better decisions faster by analyzing big data.

I am Kushi Ramchand , an experienced technical expert. Bringing people together is what technology is all about. Every new innovation advances technology everyday. Every time I write an article, I try to share as much of my expertise as possible so that it will be helpful to future technical experts.

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