Five Ways to Improve Your Site's Ranking

Five Ways to Improve Your Site's Ranking

January 3, 2020


Know the Ways to Create SEO Rich Content

Get more visitors to your website by writing unique content and improve rankings in SEO by checking for duplicate content using a plagiarism checker.

It’s Important to have visitors in a site

Not only is uploading good content in a website sufficient, but it is also essential that people come across it while they are searching for relevant information.

Many times, it so happens, that a website with good content features much lower on the search engine ranking in search results.

To avoid such a problem, it is essential to develop a website with caution. Not only money but an excellent knowledge of website operation is necessary for a website to rank highly.

Some of the ways to increase website traffic and ranking have been discussed here.

1. Publish quality content

Quality content is an essential part of any website. People are hooked to unique and quality content. Not only that, but it also affects the search engine rankings.

Thus, there is no substitute for proper relevant content. Relevant and unique content customized for the intended user increases site traffic, improving the site's relevance.

Get a Good SEO Rank by Creating Content that’s Unique

To achieve this, use target keywords on the website which are relevant and about what people will use while searching for that topic. These increase the chances of a site featuring higher up in search engine tanks.

 Also, one has to repeat the keyword several times throughout the page—optimally once or twice in the opening and closing paragraphs, and two more times in the rest of the content.

Update the website regularly as updated content is one of the best pointers of a site's relevancy.

2. Obtain backlinks

Focus on creating relevant links within the text. It is essential to have relevant content so that backlinks can be obtained from other sides. Backlinks from good sources can help to increase a site's ranking position and visibility in search engine results (SEO). One should try to obtain backlinks from websites that are doing well.

It’s Important to Use Backlinks in an SEO Content

Backlink finding tools also help in obtaining proper backlinks from relevant websites. Monitoring backlinks carefully is also essential, and there are several tools for this as well.

3. Check for plagiarism

A website should always contain original content. It makes the website authentic to the readers. But not only that, plagiarized content tarnishes the reputation of the site, and the SEO ranking drops due to duplicate content penalty.

In its severe form, duplicate content on a site can cause the owner to be penalized by the search engine or have the content removed altogether.

Use Duplicate Content Checkers for Duplicate Content Issues

Using plagiarism detector tools available online, one should always check text files to avoid plagiarism. These online tools help in plagiarism detection check for similar content in other relevant sites and multiple pages and provide links to the same.

Using this, one can also know if other sites are using their content. So, using a compare tool is advisable as it helps in finding duplicate content and SEO ranks, too, is improved.

4. Optimize for all kinds of searches

Not only does a web page need to feature in the SEO rankings, but it also has a presence in local searches is necessary. Listing a business in local directories is essential for its web page to feature in relevant searches.

Also, optimization for voice searches is equally essential. One should make sure of adding voice search phrases into the website content. These should be in a free conversational style rather than single keywords. It would likely improve a website's ranking.

5. Opt for digital marketing

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field. By 2020, it will grow to become even more significant. As more and more people are starting to take advantage of all the latest tools and technologies offered by digital marketing, the field is also getting extremely competitive.

Digital Marketing is Important for Improving SEO Rank

Also, there is a sudden rise in the number of tools available for online marketing. Using social media marketing and content marketing, one can quickly obtain higher ranks in Google search console.

Hence creating original content is essential now more than ever, and using the latest tools to feature it on the top is a job that one needs to learn.

Anmol is an MBA - Marketing graduate from an AACSB accredited school of business in Adelphi University, NY, a nationally-ranked tier-1 university. After completing his MBA, he started his journey as a Marketing Manager with Copyleaks, where he is responsible for strategizing, executing, and overlooking all marketing activities.

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