Free Marketing Tools From Google, Part-2

Free Marketing Tools From Google, Part-2

November 25, 2020

You need a bunch of marketing tools in your arsenal to stay ahead of your competition in the digital marketplace. In Part-1 of the series, we listed five must-have free marketing tools from Google.

In this part, we list down five more marketing tools. These tools help you to optimize your website as per the latest trends, and to increase your brand awareness as well as revenue. 

Let's start with the first tool: 

1. Google Test my Site

A website is the face of any brand. If your website looks shabby or doesn't load quickly, you miss out on heaps of online traffic, and the bounce rate substantially increases. 

With Google Test My Site, you can evaluate your website's performance on various grounds. You have the option to:

  • Check performance based on devices
  • Check the website's mobile compatibility 
  • Compare the performance to other websites

Image Source: Think With Google

This free tool provides you various pointers to enhance your website's efficiency. Be it the page load time, issues with individual web pages, images used, etc., you're notified about all the flaws. 

Act upon them to bring improvements to your website and conveniently connect with your customers online. 

2. Google Market Finder 

Business expansion demands extensive market research. Google Market Finder provides valuable market insights that help you understand the market and the audience that you should target.

It's a location-based tool that suggests various international markets where your products and services can do wonders. Conversely, you can also launch a local campaign which targets nearby areas, regions within your city, etc. 

Image Source: Think With Google

Market Finder's interface assists you in setting up the research campaign. Use the insights to your benefit and make a data-driven decision for business growth.

3. Google Search Central 

Google Search Central is a one-stop solution to monitor, modify, and maintain your business website. It works in integration with Google Analytics (refer to part-1) and presents detailed information about various website aspects.  

You can track your website's web settings, domain canonicalization, URL parameters, and a lot more. You also get malware alerts and red flags for security breaches. 

Image Source: Google Developers

An in-depth evaluation of your website through Google Search Central helps you optimize your website. You can measure the site's overall performance and also look into the efficiency of individual web pages.

Use this free tool from Google to optimize your website and improve your SERP rankings. 

4. Google AdSense

Once you ace the game of web visibility and search engine rankings, you'll get decent traffic on your website. However, all visitors won't convert, and many won't return, ever. 

With Google AdSense, you can earn a handful of money from all visitors, irrespective of whether they convert or not. Advertisers run their ads on your web portal, and you get paid for it. All you need to do is host their ads. 

Image Source: Google AdSense

5. Google FeedBurner

Businesses with high customer retention rates enjoy improved business sustainability. Building a subscriber base is an effective method to increase consumer retention. Google FeedBurner offers hassle-free subscriber management.

You can send daily feeds, new updates, important info, and a lot more with Google FeedBurner. 

Image Source: Twist Article

The inclusion of CTAs in such feeds helps you retain customers and present your brand as a trustworthy entity in the marketplace. 

To Conclude

This concludes our two-part series covering some of the best free marketing tools from Google. These tools address various pain-points, give rich insights, and help in decision-making.

Have you read Part-1 of this series? If not, click here and have a read. You'll find more free marketing tools that you need for your marketing campaigns.

Which free tool do you want from Google in 2021? Express your views in the comments section? Click here if you want to contribute to our Guest Post section.

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