Free Vs Paid Fonts - Finding the Right Typography to Match Your Content and Creative Style

Free Vs Paid Fonts - Finding the Right Typography to Match Your Content and Creative Style

February 22, 2021

The content you determined to upload on your website appears in numerous ways and styles. As few people prefer to use images and videos, while a few goes with written content. 

In all this scenario, we can't disregard the power of content that can spontaneously grab the user's attention and at the same time, make people switch to another site because of low content.

Excellent and compelling content means having proper use of Typography that engage visitors on webpage and it all happens because of robust selection of fonts. It might be challenging to go after perfect fonts, yet let's try to solve the problem through this guide that might be vital for you in the future.

Categories & Type of Fonts

If we talk about the categories of fonts then generally, we have two options, either we can go with free fonts or the paid fonts. Each category has its traits and characteristics that make (them) worth trying. 

The word 'Free' doesn't refer to low-quality fonts as you can attain a lot of benefits without paying a single penny. To make it more comprehensive, let's discuss both categories in detail.

1- Free Fonts

As I discussed above, you can avail of the maximum benefits from the free fonts that are numerous and used for different purposes. They still endure delivering the most reliable quality for your content. However, you can't go for every website that are offering free fonts, as many websites contain low-quality fonts that will have an adverse impact on your brand's image.

To get the stable and high-quality fonts, go for 'Google Fonts' that proposes a complete library of free yet essence fonts to the users because Google always contrives to deliver the most high-grade quality. For example, here you can have a look at supreme font that is available for free on a trusted website. The font is famous for its logotype and was designed in New York.

Apart from 'Google Font' you can look for various other sites where quality fonts offered. Remember that if you go for poorly designed fonts from cheap websites, you will end up destroying your brand's reputation. Unfortunately, free fonts contain a few negative points that you should know before using them. Those negative points include:

1- Unusual Usability

If you want to stand out your business in the market by using free fonts, you are making a significant mistake. The availability of free fonts is everywhere, and you can't find anything unique because of thousands of other websites who have already get their hands on (them). Though you can get free fonts of high quality yet the particular font, you have picked for your site might have been used by many other sites too so it will not make any difference.

2- Poor Key Adaptation

If a font comprises of low-key modifications, this implies it has inappropriate dividing between various groupings of letters. You may find your lowercase 'u' may be ungracefully far away from your 'p' letter, while your letter 'b' crushed excessively near your v letter. These mistakes can have a significant impact on your brand or product's design and in result disappointing the users. Hence to avoid such issues why to take risk in the first place?

2- Paid Fonts

Paid fonts without any doubt are worth using fonts that encompasses all the positive factors. Professional graphic designers design them by keeping in mind all the minor points. If we talk about quality, the paid fonts are higher in quality as compared to free fonts.

Apart from that, these fonts work on different browsers or platforms. However, the question emerges why you have to pay for these fonts? The designers who design these fonts love drafting specific letters again and again, and your money supports them in doing so. Various paid fonts are being used by notable brands and websites.

The revolution of the paid fonts is around the corner as sole websites or brands usually prefer to have (them) because of their uniqueness and effectiveness. One of the significant advantages of using paid fonts is their uniqueness as not everyone can get their hands on (them) so you can bring something different in the market by concerning the designer. However before using these fonts let's explore a few negative factors.

  • Sometimes it takes a lot of money to get the paid fonts because it depends on page views or print views according to which you have to pay money.
  • Even after paying for the fonts, you can still get cheap and low-quality fonts that result in spacing and kerning.
  • You frequently need a different permit for the site than the one you'd introduce on your PC. It implies that if you need to model a plan in an application, for example, Photoshop, you may need to pay for the two licenses. Precarious if the text style you are considering utilizing hasn't been customer endorsed at this point.
  • To use the font weights, sometimes you have to pay extra money.

Free Fonts Vs Paid Fonts

If you are a graphic designer, you must have endured both paid and free fonts and knows the difference among both. Or being a website owner, you might have granted the designers try both categories. However, a professional designer always wants to remain ahead of their competitors, and it can only be attained with paid fonts where the designers make sure to bring something different on the table from already available fonts.

You look for such fonts which are high in quality and can explore on every platform or browser and so is the feature of paid fonts where you inevitably have to pay a little but accomplish satisfactory results. The uniqueness is another critical element that should not compromise in any case, and with paid fonts, you can get it.


If you are viewing for the right typography that matches your content, I will recommend you to go for Paid fonts that comprise every feature that one looks for. However, you can go after free fonts if uniqueness is not a concern for you. I hope this guide is a solution for your every question regarding fonts.

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