Geographic Segmentation of Target Audience

Geographic Segmentation of Target Audience

October 28, 2022

Seasonal Factors as a Determinant:

Seasonal products such as coats, winter gear, swimwear and beach attire, are often marketed to geographic segments. In areas with distinct winter, spring and summer seasons, swimwear normally is promoted for a few months, including the late spring and the summer season.

Benefits to Local Retailers:

Local department store retailers that sell a variety of product categories appealing to different demographics often use local geographic segmentation in their marketing efforts. Small town businesses often flood the local market with radio and newspaper ads that have a broad local reach at affordable rates. Say you operate a salon; in this case your audience varies in age and gender but is concentrated largely in the local community thus making local marketing through geographical segmentation a feasible strategy.

Food Mania & Regional Segmentation:

Certain foods have very specific geographic interest. Seafood is marketed heavily in the cities and areas near the oceans, where supply is fresh all year. McDonald's offers more spicy meals in India, understanding the taste and flavors of different regions. This is an example of regional segmentation based on geographic consumer preferences and product availability. Small chains may find similar opportunities to achieve supply and demand advantages in selective geographic markets.

Marking a New Territory:

In some situations, companies use geographic segmentation to target new local territories or regions. Brands often distribute discount coupons in certain regions when they open several new stores. In this case, the company has a promotional objective for customer growth in a new market, but it may emphasize upon other goals too, such as increased market share or higher profits.

Thus, Geographic segmentation can be the backbone of marketing tactics. The approach combines demographic data with geographic data to help create a more accurate customer profile.

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