Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing!

Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing!

December 27, 2017

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing that technology geeks are after. Today’s technology-driven marketing world is now seeing an imminent use of artificial intelligence and its applications in the marketing domain. This is going to leave an imprint in the marketing space.

Artificial intelligence can handle all the mundane tasks that are currently managed by humans. B2B and B2C marketers are more focused on artificial intelligence, for being able to broadcast about their business and, in a way, attract more customers. The fact that businesses are in extreme need of artificial intelligence cannot be over-ruled, however, the fact that a human is as important in today’s market cannot be denied as well. A mutual codependency between the two is requisite. 

Take a look at how artificial intelligence is affecting the marketing industry:

Chatbots boost engagement

With the rise of chatbots, businesses are using them to be available for the chat all the time, even during non-working hours.

A good example that you’ll come across is Sephora’s chat service system that is user-friendly as well as the best way to retaining customers. Sephora is using the chat service in the best possible way, wherein they advise customers about the beauty products they should be using and interacting with the users in a better way.

The effectiveness of artificial intelligence is designing a chatbot that is able to access a database and respond to a customer in a human-friendly tone.

Data mining and curating content

The data in today’s online marketing world is huge and sifting and examining huge sets of data packets was a hectic task till artificial intelligence popped in. Now marketers are switching to artificial intelligence where an algorithm-driven process has reduced the time to mine data.

Data mining is an important aspect that helps businesses understand the market better. Artificial intelligence is bound to change the way marketers analyze data. For example, e-commerce sites such as Nykaa or Amazon, give recommendations to users on the basis of their previous activities on the website.

Virtual assistants

In today’s marketing domain, for businesses that are finding it hard to have a person appointed to monitor each and every aspect of marketing and business, this is the best option available.

The presence of virtual assistants will help customers reach their desired destination. For businesses that are leading or guiding customers to various landing pages, the presence of virtual assistants can help customers who might need any assistance.


Advertisements that are AI driven are blooming in the digital marketing world. It is necessary that you target the appropriate audience with the correct message that you want to deliver.

Artificial intelligence understands the requirement of niche specific audience and businesses use this characteristic of AI to reach out precisely to the audience to be impactful.

While a business is launching a new product/service in the market we aim to target the right audience, but this is on a trial and error basis. However, with artificial intelligence just a click away, it helps in understanding the user behavior and demographics depending upon the previous actions that the user had taken.   

Analyzing audience

Artificial intelligence gives you that extra help to analyze what your audience is looking for. It provides you with the technique to analyze a customer’s mindset.

To explain this in a better way, the algorithm that Youtube uses to provide you with recommendations according to your taste. How is this even possible? The algorithm that is used by Youtube enables the users to see the videos that align with the previous videos they have been watching.

Cyber techies

How often do you feel apprehensive when a website asks for your email address? Another role that artificial intelligence plays is to keep the security of the website intact. Whenever there is a security breach in the system, it is because of the algorithms (applications of artificial intelligence) that a system is warned of a possible attack. This is the time to switch over to virtual assistants and dig deep into the advantages that artificial intelligence has.

Cybergeeks are utilizing the applications of artificial intelligence to the maximum potential to have a system that prevents any possible cyber-attack.

Curating content

Content writers know how hard it is to generate original content for the internet; it irks their nerves every time, searching rigorously for hours to generate authentic quality content. As readers, we don’t realize, but some of the content that we come across on the internet is actually produced by a tool which is again driven by artificial intelligence. The much-famed magazine, Forbes among others is already using tools like Wordsmith driven by AI to curate content that seems to be written by a human.

You would be taken aback if you look at the content produced on a single day on the internet, and how much time it takes to curate that content. Here comes the need for smart tools to produce user-friendly content.

Knows you well

Facebook is using this feature without us noticing it. You might have witnessed many times when you are tagging a face on Facebook, you already have a name popped up on your screen of the person that you are tagging. Ever wondered, how is it possible? All thanks to artificial intelligence, the algorithms that are being used by various social media platforms. An example of this is Snapchat, you have come across various filters or faces, this is all driven by algorithms which are basically governed by artificial intelligence.   

There are surplus benefits that artificial intelligence beholds. However, it does have some drastic effects as many job roles will be lost to smart machines that would replace the humans in the near future. It would be brilliant if we know how artificial intelligence has grown since years and know the scope it has in the marketing space. But it is only with time that we’ll know how impactful artificial intelligence is.

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