Hasya Rasa and its Role in Advertising

Hasya Rasa and its Role in Advertising

November 25, 2014

Hasya Rasa (Humorous)


MEANING: Laughter


Hasya is the rasa used to express joy or mirth. Pure Hasya is real happiness, a joy that comes from within. This rasa is used to depict simple happiness or riotous laughter and everything in between. The term “Hasya” itself means laughter. It helps one to get relief from tension and worry.  Hasya is self-focused when one makes fun of oneself and it is focused on others when fun is made of others.

How Hasya Rasa works in Advertising:

Hasya makes consumers laugh and creates an emotional link with the product. A well-executed humor enhances recollection, evaluation and the intent to purchase the product. Advertisers must remember that while making the customer laugh, they have to keep things interesting, because old jokes die, along with their products. Another point to consider when using humor in advertising is that different things are funny to different people; a commercial that may seem humorous to one person, may also leave a bad impression on others. Points to be considered while creating impactful humor ads:

  • Keep the subject matter universal
  • The references used should be easy to understand by the target customers.
  • The subject should not be offensive or taboo
  • The humor should be visual based, rather than relying on something that may be lost in translation

Here is an example of social media Marketing, trying to gain engagement in a humors way.

The right media for Hasya Rasa:

National companies are frequently releasing humorous ads on YouTube instead of on TV and establishing a presence on Facebook or Twitter rather than billboards. Choice of media can have a valuable influence on the effect of humor, because humor may be recognized differently depending on the medium used by the advertiser.

Today, advertising is must for every industry one can think of, it not only influences just the customers but also every single entity involved in the business.  Hasya Rasa is one of the excellent tools to grab viewer’s attention; it’s an effective method that benefits the customers to instantly recall the advertisement while they are shopping.

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